Flights, insurance, camera, backpack, accomodation…

Having to purchase so many things ahead of the trip, at the time – exciting, looking back at it now – arrrggghh!

Flights: I umm’d and ahh’d a bit about getting my own flight and just heading straight to New Zealand, or going with BUNAC and getting a group flight, via Hong Kong. Either way, I knew it was going to be a one way ticket that was purchased!
After a few weeks, I decided on the group flight and an awesome opportunity to visit Hong Kong.

It made sense, I was going on an adventure, why limit that to one country, use this time to make the most of it. Roll on April 10th 2014 – take off! 🙂

With the flight booked, the next thing on the check list was Insurance, but there was no fun in that, so I altered the priority of the list and went straight in for the camera. For years I had wanted a decent top of the range camera, but never had any justification of the purchase, whereas now, oh yes. So, after a few days browsing the internet, reading reviews and checking with friends, I opted for the Nikon D3200, and my oh my was I happy. Yes it’s bulky, and not ideal for a quick shot here and there, but for travels and with time to spare to stop and take in the views, it is perfect. Thanks to my mother, she recently got me a 55-300mm lense to go with it, as a birthday/farewell gift. Again, bulky, but i’m sure totally worth it.

Nikon D3200
Next, the backpack. Now, if I thought choosing a camera was hard, this was nearly impossible. I knew I was definitely opting for a backpack over a suitcase, just for ease, whether I planned on travelling around or staying put and just having mini trips whilst away. Then, it was what litre size, loading angle, brand, loop holes… Finally decided on the 60 litre front loading, by Quechua. Not sure this’ll be big enough, but it survived it’s trial run on a two week holiday to Austin, Texas, and well, any larger, would only be heavier when full to the brim and thrown on my back, right? And hey, i’m not going to the remote desert.

I also purchased an Osprey day pack for cabin luggage and general day to day use. It’s already being put to great use every day for my gym / work runs.

Then there’s the laptop, okay, so I didn’t buy a new one of these, I already have a great HP laptop going on, and no, a tablet wasn’t even an option. Really not ideal for day to day use for me (personal opinion). Yes it could go in my daypack, but no, I wanted a more protective case. Which kind mother sorted out for Christmas, and got me a gorgeous BRIGHT YELLOW Bombata case.

Yes, sounding like I have a lot of luggage going on right? Well, when you consider this to be all of my worldly positions, it’s not all bad. I’ll have a rucksack, day pack, laptop bag and camera.

Then I purchased my insurance, a minimum of 12 months, available with a one way ticket and the option to extend whilst out of the UK. Then, an initial 2 nights accommodation in a hostel when I arrive in New Zealand.

That’s it, all coming together.

All that’s left, saving money, considering my options and constructing a plan of action. Or, could I really just go with the flow, long term?

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