Making a quick buck. Or rather, attempting to.

Have had a nightmare of a weekend, being let down by strangers. Both days.

So, given that my mother and her husband have sold their house (YIPPEE) and they are moving away, to Wales (no comment), and although they have offered to store my belongings, I don’t think it’s fair. It’s their home, and i’m not a kid going away to university, I need to take hold and be a grown up ( 😦 ). Therefore, as I don’t really own enough to see it reasonable to hire a storage unit, i’m selling off my items, or giving the local charity shop a darn good load of junk, I mean, useful items.

Saturday I popped my hardly used Nintendo 3DS XL on to a selling group on Facebook, and it went within minutes, I was so happy. I hung around all day, just doing chores and what not, awaiting the arrival of the buyer at 4pm. He messaged me at 3pm, saying he was on his way. Earlier than planned, I was impressed. At 4.20pm, after having the numbest backside ever, I decided to stand up from my seat on the stairs, by the front door, cold front door, and check my messages. The douche had only gone and blocked me on FB and was clearly a no-show. Tres unimpressed.

Today, a woman had been promising for weeks to come and collect my suitcase (i’m using a backpack for my travels, see earlier entry), some wicker baskets and the tat that had been in the kitchen cupboard since moving in, and today was the day she was due to come. Or so I thought. At 1pm, she finally replied to my many messages to say she couldn’t make it (AGAIN!), so I may have snapped, and put something along the lines of thanking her for wasting my time, and off to the tip I would go. That threat worked. Her daughter was able to stop by within 15 minutes and pick up all the belongings. However, only with half of the money. To be honest, by now, i’d had enough of it. Enough of sorting through items. Trudging backwards and forwards to the charity shop. Advertising things. Liaising with strangers. Filling up the dustbin. I just said take the lot. Out of site, out of mind.

The toughest thing for me this weekend however, was deciding to sell my DVDs. My palms are still clammy. Yes we live in a day where everything is technical, and we can get films on the internet in almost the touch of a button (broadband provider dependant), but you have to understand, DVDs are my ‘thing’. Not that kind of thing, don’t judge me incorrectly. They are the only thing I’ve ever really purchased, like a drug. I’m not a typical girl with bags, shoes and dresses. But films. HELLO! I had a few hundred when I left for NZ before. Then when the boyfriend and I returned from our travels, no longer an item, we had the dreaded dividing of the possessions. The DVDs were the hardest part. Finished sniggering yet? Thank you. Today, I jotted up a list of my collection, sent it to a few friends, and even advertised it on the FB selling groups again (I clearly have not learnt my lesson). Advertising for as little as £1 each. Daylight robbery. Now it’s just a case of sitting back and seeing if they get swiped from under my nose, I get let down again with no shows, or I go ahead and book a man with his van, and take up mother on her storage offer.

The good thing however, I sniffed out a bargain sticker pizza in Morrisons, for dinner, even has a stuffed crust don’t you know. Yeah, it really is the little things.

One thought on “Making a quick buck. Or rather, attempting to.

  1. Would you believe I have the same problem free cycling my things! Offered an old cordless phone for free but guy was a no show several times over two weeks. Forget about trying to sell stuff, more hassle than it is worth!

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