Birthday celebrations

Happy Birthday!Last Friday, 21st February, was my 32nd birthday (being sold to everyone as 21+11 by the way), and with my adventure to jet off to the Southern Hemisphere less than 7 weeks away now, I decided to celebrate with a bang. So, myself and 6 of my beautiful girlfriends headed off to Center Parcs in Longleat.

I awoke on the Friday morning a little flat, surprising for someone who has got as excited as a 5 year old on her birthday every year since she was, well, 5 years old. A strong coffee and a tepid bubble bath however, appeared to sort this. The Facebook notifications started flooding in, along with the texts and opening of birthday cards, and the smile was glued to my face.

Birthday brunchAt 10.00am; myself, Sarah and Lucy, jumped in to Marge and headed off to the ‘shire to begin our adventure. Of course, food was required, so no judgement please when I tell you we inhaled a Burger King at just 11 in the morning.

By mid afternoon, we, along with Wendy and Kirsty were wandering around the stunning location of Center Parcs and settling in to our stunning weekend accommodation. Come the early evening and we had our final guests; Charlotte and ‘melda. Pizza’s and bubbles were being enjoyed as part of the birthday dinner. Everyone meeting everyone for the first time, and it couldn’t have gone any better. I really do have a fantastic choice in friends.

Pancakes! (& omelettes)Saturday involved an early rise. A few of us headed off for a run / to the gym for some exercise to justify the pancakes we were planning on demolishing for brunch. If you’re starting to think the theme of the weekend was food, you aren’t wrong!

Next on the cards, was archery. Oh my…this was SO much fun! And no, not just because I was the champion (fairly an’all!), but it really was. The instructor was great, the weather was fab, and generally, it was just so much fun!

Team Archery!To celebrate my win, we headed off to the ‘Sports Bar’. To summarise; pitchers of beer, colouring in, rugby watching, and pub games were enjoyed! Have a feeling it was probably dusk when we decided to leave after our “one drink”, and attempt to make our way through all the bottles of fizz that were waiting for us at our home.

A few (FEW!) bottles of fizz, and many Cherry Sourz shots were enjoyed, along with dancing to the music channel, we decided to venture back to the bar, making no effort at all, oh, unless you count the mass amount of One Direction stickers applied as make up. I have a vague memory that we walked in to the rant of “Here come the girrrrls”, dibs’d on a seating area, grabbed a couple more pitchers, glasses and J-bombs before taking over the dance floor. And I mean, taking over. We were the only ones, of a pretty busy bar, dancing. We did manage to provide entertainment to the other diners and party goers, and a couple of people were even willing to join us on the floor. To be fair, it was probably to save the dislocation of their arms as we tried to pull them up šŸ˜‰

In summary, the night went on til just after midnight, concluding with a LOT of giggles, an array of choons enjoyed, muchos dancing sported, and actually, not a great deal of drink. We were drunk on FUN!

Me being me, woke up pretty early on the Sunday, minus a hangover. The girls on the other hand… It seemed very fitting therefore, that I brought The Hangover along on DVD, for us all to enjoy, with a bagel and a lot of coffee, before heading out for yet another pancake brunch. Morning done.

The weather wasn’t as good today, so my day of walking and capturing the scenery on my nifty Nikon was a bit of a sham. Yet, not totally wasted…I had a full body Swedish massage booked in for the afternoon. HELLO BLISS!!

The evening was spent packing, scoffing a WELL tasty curry, and the entertainment was in the form of Aladdin (yes, Walt Disney) and letting our eyes schwoon, and our mouths judge, the cast of the new series of TOWIE. Perfect.

Monday, today, departure day. Yes okay, ANOTHER pancake brunch was enjoyed, before heading off home.

Now, after spending a few hours looking through everyone’s photos, admiring my beautiful gifts, re-reading all my lovely cards, I gotta say, i’m a lil emosh.

These six girls, I really love them all. Even Sarah, whom I work with, I don’t see them enough. This weekend proved what they mean to me, and how slack , not just me, but how we all are about not arranging more social fun, and catching up more. It’s always something that highlights this, when it’s maybe a little too late tho, aye. I will miss everyone of these when i’m on my travels, but I have to say, this last weekend will be in my memory forever, as it really was the best weekend / birthday / farewell party EVER. Also, hopefully, all the girls gained five new friends, and no, not just the Facebook variety!

To my dear friends, and maybe even a little thanks to the group of guys who became our dancing buddies during the final few songs on Saturday, thank you, times a million, for everything, and for making me feel so warm and fuzzy on the inside. I’m thinking of bacon whilst I type this, so don’t go getting any ideas mind… šŸ˜€ xxx

Warm & fuzzy cuddles

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