Farewell England, Hello Hong Kong!

It may be 13 days since I left the hometown, said my final farewells and jetted off to Hong Kong, but don’t let the delay in this post fool you in to making you think I’ve been super busy with fun stuff, as that’s not really the case. I’m actually just feeling like i’m at home still on a mahoosive job hunt!

Enough about that tho, let me share with you a little about my 3 day trip to Hong Kong.

10th April, 9am, and i’m en route from the Heathrow Marriott hotel (i’m not flash with cash, I just had enough points to stay there for F.R.E.E.! Uh, winner!) to Heathrow Airport – Terminal 3, to meet 22 other BUNACers, ready to set off to Hong Kong! Once the BUNAC rep hands over the information envelopes to each of us, we check in, with ease, fly through security and myself and 3 others head off for a cooked breakfast and a pint. Yes, you read that right, it was 9am, and we were having a pint. And?

11.45am and we’re all off to board our flight! At this point, the penny is yet to drop that i’m heading off on an adventure, but i’m super excited to be getting on the plane. I love flying me; table service, unlimited supply of films (altho, hold that thought), drinkies and snacks and the click of a finger, or rather, push of a ‘Assistance please stewardess’ button. We board the plane and we’re all seated together, so the chitter chatter does flow, in the form of getting to know each other, and seeing who winds who up the quickest.

I have to say, this leg of the journey was awesome, Cathay Pacific, it’s a 10 from me, one happy customer. However, remember I said the film supply was unlimited, well yeah…I managed to watch American Hustle (Bradley Cooper is great flying company) and Frozen, before my screen packed up. An 11 hour flight, minus two films, so that’s 7.5hours remaining with NOTHING TO WATCH! Luckily, there was an easy on the eye man about 10 rows in front that had a very small bladder, so his trips to the toilet behind us was much appreciated.

Hello Hong Kong! Man, you’re a warm place ain’t ya just, even at 7am. First impressions, um, tower blocks. All buildings with a minimum of around 20 floors. Really? It was crazy, I just couldn’t get over it. There was beautiful scenery as we were driving off the island, and then BAM! High rises EVERYWHERE! Was most queer. Arriving at the hotel at around 8.45am to be told our rooms wouldn’t be ready until around 12.30pm was greeted with a lil shoulder raise and sigh too, but somehow, we managed to muddle through. In the room, hit the showers, and jet lag took over. A 3 hour snooze was taken, to be woken up in time for dinner, just in the hotel restaurant. They say when in Rome, eat as the romans do. So, in Hong Kong, first night dinner, I opt for burger and chips. It was ruddy lovely too. I’d befriended a few of the girls, so we celebrated with a glass of bubbles, and then went on a lil jaunt around the city of Kowloon. Not for long mind you, we had just stepped off an 11 hour flight, with all of us not really sleeping much the night before that either.

Day 2 – the morning was free to enjoy as we saw fit. With breakfast included, this is how I enjoyed my morning. Breakfast definitely was the most important meal of my day here, it was beyond tasty. Anything you could think of was available, and treated my taste buds pretty well too. After an hour or two of sun on the pool terrace, we were off to meet our tour guide, and head off for an afternoon / evening of sight seeing. First stop: Victoria Peak. One word – views. Totally breathe taking!

After this we set off to Stanley Market. It’s just a market. That’s all. However, running along side it there’s a beach. A beach in HK. This I was not expecting. Wandered around the stalls for a wee bit, lovely, purchased some personalised chop sticks and some trousers. My work here was done.

Aberdeen Fishing Village – now this was a nice lil trip. I seriously felt so chilled on the trip across the water in our quirky boats. Again, most queer on the eye seeing all the fishing boats, beautiful scenery and then just hundreds of high rises.

After this, we set off for our traditional dinner. One word – disappointed. Then things got worse, we were pointed in the direction of an “awesome light show”. A few lazers pointing at the sky is not what I would call an “awesome light show”. But, horses for courses. A few of this then set off for quick drink, before wrestling our way on to the hotel’s shuttle bus. And then deciding to head to McDonalds to fill our tums with something a tad more substantial than what we were served at dinner.

Day 3 – our final day in Hong Kong. Again, the morning was ours to do with as we pleased. Again, breakfast called, then re-packing (no comment), checking out, and loitering until around 2.30pm when our tour guide appeared. We loaded up our belongings ready for the flight later that evening to take us to our next destination, New Zealand, and then set off to the first sight of today. I just want to inform you at this point, the weather today, humid doesn’t even come close to how it was. Literally we were all close to passing out. Not the heat, but the sweat that was being produced from all of our pores was unbelievable. Now, that’s a nice thought for you right there isn’t it, so let me move on…

We made our way to Wong Tai Sin Temple. This was a kind of eerie place, but good eerie. We were told all about the Chinese Years and had our photo’s taken with the animal that represented our year. I’m a dog don’t you know. Please, no need to snigger. With the sun beaming down on us, we all found some shelter and just took in the peace and watched as the locals prayed and carried out their religious routine. I felt somewhat of a scamp taking pictures of my surroundings why these people were seeking guidance from the powers above. Luckily though, my Nikon is pretty quiet.

After this, if I thought the trip on the Aberdeen Fishing area was peaceful yesterday, the next stop was sending me in to a peaceful trance. Nan Lian Gardens. Pine tree bliss. Felt more like opium plants to me, as the second I walked in to the gardens, I felt incredibly chilled and just so calm. It was stunning. Recommend this to anyone heading to Hong Kong at any point in their lives. Walking around the gardens, we then came across Chi Lin Nunnery. Again, very peaceful, and somewhat unsettled taking pictures of an area that people go to for peace and guidance. Beautiful.

Then, a jade market. This one not just a market however, but a gazillion stalls all selling jade and eager to rip your arm off until you purchase something. An experience.

Next stop, Hong Kong airport, to board a not so grand Cathay Pacific flight to Auckland. I thought I could talk, but having someone behind you, drinking and talking for the 11 hours, NON STOP, makes me wanna go live in Nan Lian Gardens and become a tree hippy!

Thanks for having me Hong Kong, you sweaty sight for sore eyes xxx


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