You kiss your Smash Hits posters with that mouth?!

There is no requirement for me to explain as to why my blog entries are slightly on the slack side of late, but I will do so regardless. Firstly, either of these statements work; a. I’ve been too busy having fun to find the time to settle down and put fingers to keyboard, and b. I’ve not really been up to a great deal that’s worth writing about. Sorry, worth reading about. Oh, you doubt that do you, well okay, if you insist, I’ll do as I do best, and ramble on. This post will be a random spill of words, then I promise to make a post about my recent trip to the Northland and other lil outings I’ve experienced whilst in this awesome country.

And so the randomness commences here…

I left the UK four weeks ago today, 4 weeks, 28 days, last month, not a minute longer, it seems strange really. It doesn’t feel that long ago, but equally it feels like I’ve been in NZ longer than that. I’m convinced that’s because I’ve been here a few times before, and it feels like a home to me. However, 4 weeks, that’s nothing really, in hindsight. Yet, it was only 4 weeks ago friends said they’d keep in touch, begged me to not “forget them whilst I was having the best time”, to keep in touch regularly, and all the other codswollop that people say, but never follow through on. I had it when I left my home town of Bath, and headed just 2 hours down the road to Reading. I was the one contacting every Tom, Dick and Harry then, and this time, I have tried a few times, but I’m not here to spend my time messaging those that can’t be arsed, so ya know, just putting that out there. I’m sure some people will take this the wrong way, others won’t have a clue I’m talking about them, and well, the majority won’t even read this, haha. Oh dear…#awkward.

Sure there is the time difference, and the fact that I’ve either occasionally had no wi-fi, so without Whatsapp, Skype, etc, but when I have had connection; Whatsapp, FB and Skype friend requests have been sent and the reply, somewhat slow. Fine by me, but the next time one of my buddys, my pals, my nearest and dearest moans that I’ve not been in touch for a while, a fairy will lose its wings, a duck will choke on some bread, and a pigeon will shit on your car. I know, I thought that was random too.

That’s not me ranting by the way, it’s just I’m out here enjoying life, and proving that not everything is right there in front of you, you have to go out and grab it, oh, and if you’re bored back peddling through your “dull 9-5 life”, you’ve only got yourself to blame. C’mon peeps; tie that hanky round a stick, smile and skip off down that runway. It’s a fun world out there. If you can get over this Carbon Footprint shiz that’s bandied around every so often. Next time you roll your eyes, exhale heavily and your mouth opens to voice a negative thing, stop right there treacle, and alter your thinking and raise your glass, which is HALF FULL, and say summat positive. Even if it’s just something nice and simple like, “oh, I have no nose hair today”, or “I can walk 10 steps without falling over”. Do it. Yeah I know, I’m a hippy at heart, and it annoys all of you. Annoys you to the point of loving me tho aye. You know I’m right my lil schnookums 😉

What other garbage has got on my nerves of late…? Oh yes, this link on Facebook.

How I laughed when many of my ‘Facebook friends’ posted this. I’ve seen similar posts many times before, usually by all the same culprits, who then continue to sit on their mobile phones, and social networking sites, whilst in the company of other people. Makes me chuckle. Sure, i’m on my mobile telephone communication device when in my own company only, and even then, it’s not often. This time difference thing is a blessing for that. I have a check whilst I’m de-sleeping crusting my peepers, then again at the end of the day when I need a hand tiring out my eyelids. I, as do many of others, have the reason for social networking sites, to inform people that I’m either still alive, or the ease of uploading pics to one site, rather than sending them to a distribution group, only able to attach a few photo’s at a time. I really don’t feel I abuse this system. Correct me if I’m wrong by all means, believe me, no offence will be taken. Just people, when you want to go out and socialise with your friends, or stay at home with your loved ones, do this. Do you really need your phone in your hand when you do it though. Don’t answer that, as the answer is NO! I still chuckle at the friends who were so baffled last year when I got my ‘basic’ Nokia phone, which enabled me to send texts and make / receive calls. It wasn’t a Smart Phone, so txts, calls and Snake was all it allowed. Perfect right?! No, apparently not, “how will you keep in touch?”, “how will I get hold of you?”…so yeah, you can see why I rolled my eyes. You want me, phone me. Douches. *light and fluffy, light and fluffy*. NB. You can unfollow my blog anytime by the way. Yep, that’s one new step paved for my stairwell to Hell.

New Zealand update: have registered with a few recruitment agencies. Doing this over the Easter Break and Anzac bank holidays, was a tad on the silly side mind. How quiet can this glorious chilled out country get aye. Was nice though. It’s meant I’ve been able to catch up with family, really chill out and just enjoy time walking, getting fresh air and reading. However, more than anything, I’m missing routine. Therefore, depending on how the call goes tomorrow (that I hope does actually happen tomorrow, and the ‘Friday mood of CBA’ doesn’t kick in with the HR team) from a company I interviewed with yesterday goes, then I’ll either be hunting for potential “flatting” ops over the weekend, or applying for a 100 more positions and deciding on May being the month that I get back in to work. Then, once work arrives, I can get an abode, a routine, a gym membership and plans.

Crashing at my auntie and uncles house was mayzen. So chilled. They live in Te Kauwhata, and it’s beyond chilled there, really lovely. I’m currently in Howick, at one of my cousins abodes, with his wife, their 4 sons and their new puppy. It’s an active household that’s for sure. Everyone however, makes me happy that they are my family. Feeling pretty darn lucky in all honesty.

Found a cute little cinema this week. Really very nice indeed. So, during this unemployed free time, now the boys are back at school (after the Easter holidays), I’ve been twice this week. First to view, ‘The Other Woman’. Which I thoroughly enjoyed. Really had a giggle through this typical, yet still comical, chick flick. Today was not such a great experience. The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Hmm… I am an open fan of the Toby Maguire trilogy, and equally open that Garfield didn’t knock my socks off in his first instalment. So the second really didn’t have hopes of highness in my mind. Today I realised, once again, right to go with my gut. Although, *spoiler alert*, when Gwen kicked the bucket at the end of the film, I was surprised. I didn’t see that coming. Equally, I was pleased this occurred.

I’m no film critic, so please, a disclaimer of these opinions are mine, and mine alone, each to their own, horses for courses, and well, shush.

Oh oh oh, something I feel I must share, forgive me father, for I have sinned…I’ve purchased…Crocs. Yep, Crocs. I’m sorry. I tell you summat for nuffen tho, they ain’t ‘alf comfy!!

Yep, shameful, actual Crocs...
Yep, shameful, actual Crocs…

It’s probably best I go now isn’t it. I’m sorry. I’ll go take some time out and self-reflect on to what this latest purchase means.

But, can I please just ask, please, even if I’ve offended you with any comments on this latest post (PUSSY!), please can you think positive and send me, or rather the company I interviewed with, good vibes for me to nail this position, and receive a positive call tomorrow. C’mon employment angels, help a sista out, ‘iiiiiite.

Love, smiles, always smiles, and a lil noogie or two. Laterz lovelies xxx

PS. Reading this back, I really am not a meanie poo poo head, I play nice. Pwomise. Coochie coo xx

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