Ahhh, so it’s not only the police that would find those photos

Having a clean up of my computer, and I just discovered the file where my webcam pics gets saved. See, someone that sits on a computer all day (NB. I’m currently unemployed, so please don’t be mislead in to thinking that i’m hard at work on a machine all day, so consider this comment as utter codswollop) really doesn’t spend much time on one in the evening really discovering what it can do. I mean, all we really care about is making sure our boss doesn’t find those e-mails and IM’s between colleagues…right?!

Anywho…, I just found my webcam photo’s folder. And well, not being vain (she says posting a shed load of pics of herself) I thought i’d share the giggle of what I found. How i’m still single is beyond me…oh hang on, yep, yep it’s totes clear. I’m an utter dufus who loves goofing around!

Hey, smiling hurt no one, take a gander chums. You never know who’s watching, and if you don’t infect someone with a grin, the police will always have a giggle should they take your device from you unexpectedly.

Man, I miss that pink hat summat chronic I tell ‘ee…

Also also also (my buddy Sarah will get the reasoning behind that triple notation), i’m not just sat at home snapping myself (NOT a euph’), being so far from the fam and friends, I occasionally (#yeahright) take a pic to add on to a message home. Believable. You sick barstewards if you think otherwise. Uncle Jimmy & his pal Rolf always said it was the done thing…(ahem) 😉

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