Um Bongo Um Bongo…oh no, wrong drink, I mean Kia Ora

14th April, 12.30pm, adrenalin really is trying to make its way through. But seriously, I’m ruddy shattered!

However, Kia Ora New Zealand, I am here! My bad for being away so long, I do apologise. It was so nice to see the excitement on my fellow BUNAC passengers faces, for me, I was surprised however. Surprised that I wasn’t bouncing off the walls, overwhelmed with excitement or just generally, a lil more upbeat. Could we blame the jet lag, like seriously, could we? I didn’t wanna come across as though I wasn’t excited, because believe me, I really was. Still am. But I dunno, it was kinda like the feeling of, “it’s great to be home”, and driving from the airport to the CBD, I was very much giddy when I saw The Warehouse. Then seeing a sign for Onehunga (I used to live there back in 2004), it made me smile. I know I was smiling, I caught a glimpse of my reflection on the bus window. It was grey outside, there was a reflection.

Pulling up on Queen St. outside the ACB Hostel, everyone was pretty pleased (I know I sure as hell was) to be putting their rucksacks on their back for a time where we knew we wouldn’t have to put it on to our back for at least another 3 days (min.. Longer in the case of some of my companions). We stepped in to the hostel, checked in and got our rooms. I was the only one not rooming with any of the group. Which was a shame, but we all agreed, it didn’t matter. Showers, change of clothes and a quick ‘wake up’ slap round the face for everyone, and then the segregations continued. Myself and the pals I’d stuck with in Hong Kong (Hannah, LJ, Katie and Kat), along with the addition of our friend Angus, headed off for a wander down Queen Street, ending up in the pub 5 minutes later, for some much needed food, a drink, and a toast to Auckland – we had arrived!!!

We nipped in to a few other bars, the group dwindling down in size as the night went on, to just 3 of us remaining at midnight. And there was me saying I would be leaving at 10pm for bed, at the latest. Phf. Then, Planet Kipster won. Zzzzzz

The following day, we had our Orientation set up at the IEP office. It was great for us all to just be talked at for three and a half hours, give details to set up our IRD number, bank accounts, and just generally a shed load of information to help us out with locations, trips, lingo, rentals, yadda yadda yadda.

Sadly, as this all happened 4 weeks ago, I’m struggling to remember what else occurred these first few days. Just wandering, chitter chattering and enjoying the reminder of Auckland experiencing four seasons in one day.

After 3 nights in the Hostel, I headed off to my aunties. Pre-planned, although, yes, hostel life is THAT bad. Here I pretty much chilled, watched rounds of golf, ate food, drank wine, caught up, and chilled. It was AWESOME! Being Easter and Anzac bank holiday times, the recruitment agencies were pretty much null and void. So what else could one do besides the above. I didn’t just mention drink wine…

Speaking of Easter, managed to spend Easter Sunday (not that we’re religious or owt) with the fam. Cousin John, his awesome wife Anna, 4 lil boys and pup – Ruby, along with my cousin Ross, and his fab wife Karen, along with their two kids, also came along. It was so nice. Catchin’ up with the fam, reaping the abuse, generally smiling.

We also went to Tauranga for a day, my auntie, uncle and myself. That was Easter Monday I believe. Man, Tauranga & Mt. Maunganui. Daaaaaaaaaaang, that place is sweet as.

I was starting to think, there is only so much chilling one can do. Time to head off on an adventure, albeit a four day one at that…

Queue next blog post…ACTION!

DISCLAIMER: When I say action, there could  be a time zone difference here. This could be anything from a few hours, to…lets say a week. Agreed? Thanks.

Cheersthenbye…for now. xxx

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