Scared of heights? Move your peepers along the Blog train then please, mush.

With Auckland renowned for having four seasons in one day, in the actual Winter seasons, you’re gunna have to be pretty lucky to get your timing just right for clear views when you step 220 metres up in the sky. Within the SkyTower that is, i’m no magical wizard that can just float.

Basically, with my cousin and his family kindly putting me up at the moment, until I secure a perm job / or decide to move it along, I’ve a trek in to the city via bus. I am not afraid of a bus journey, this is not my point. My point is, that I have to get the bus in, which takes an hour. Again, not something i’m moaning about. I have a Kindle, and a mind that loves a good day dream, so an hour on the bus is pretty fun shinanigans for me. Finally, the point i’m trying to make becomes clear…within an hour, the weather can change greatly. So last weekend, when I set off from Howick, the weather was pretty shoddy: cloudy as you like, black clouds at that, but ruddy warm. And I only went and forgot my sunnies didn’t I. Typical. Then, whilst i’m up the SkyTower (which will be elaborated on shortly, just hold your horses) it changed tres quickly. Still grey, cloudy and windy, but then, for the last 30 minutes…sunshine worshippers dream. You noted I forgot my sunnies tho right? Yep, I felt like Stevie Wonder and had to escape.

So, this SkyTower… It is the tallest structure, free-standing, in the Southern Hemisphere. At 328 metres, or 1,076ft if you prefer. And I got to stand up 220 metres worth of it. I really don’t have a fear of heights, to me it’s a great place to escape, awesome.

The tower is not just a tourist hot spot, or an iconic structure in the middle of Auckland’s city, no sir, it’s part of the SkyCity complex. This boasts cafe’s, casinos, a restaurants, even one that revolves, uh-huh, a REVOLVING restaurant, cool aye, turning 360degrees every hour. You’d be gutted if it turned quicker than that, and you’d ordered the soup aye, oopsers.

Entering the tower underground and getting in a lift to help you up to the Observation Deck, it feels pretty cramped. And well, with the glass panel in the floor and to the front and back, being in a small space with people who don’t tight spaces or heights is, quite simply, ruddy annoying. If you don’t like heights, what the effing ‘ell are you doing coming to such a place. Cretins. No sympathy, sorry. Seconds later, we reach the Observation Deck, standing at 186m. I think it’s safe to say, everyone is relieved to exit the lift. I scarper off from the height fearing annoyances immediately. That and the children that have a great volume range.  Instantly, i’m just feeling so relaxed and peaceful. The views. are. stun. ning.

I wander around, just admiring the view, the same view, over and over again for around 45 minutes. After around 30 minutes the children have started getting accidently shoved with my bag and or palms. Then, I find, queue free, the lift to the SkyDeck – 220m up in the air, HELLO! Beam me up Mr Lift Man!

A bit of banter with Mr Lift Man, being the only two in the lift, there was no chance we would offend anyone with our comical jokes. I say comical, I didn’t note this name and no one else was in there to disagree with me so yes, it’s fact, we were comical, then I step out… WOW! There is myself, and probably 3 other people, just admiring this AWESOME view.

The square foot of floorage is much smaller up here, so i’m glad that the lift entrance was not really on display, and people were clearly missing out on this beaut (NB. If you do visit this tourist icon in the future, look out for the lift and come up to the deck, you won’t be regretting any time soon. Unless you’re scared of heights. If this is you, do all the other visitors a favour, bye a coffee (other drinks are available) in the café down on Victoria Street and wait there until your brave family & friends return). Bean bags were casually scattered around the deck, so me and my camera slumped on down and easily just took it all in.

I was again here for around 40 minutes. I just utterly switched off, and don’t remember thinking of anything. It was bliss, pure joyful peacefulness. I even started to get a tad, I dunno if overwhelmed is the right word, but yeah, I felt all warm and fuzzy and it was just, “a moment” if you will.

It was only right I place the lense cap on, and return to the ground level of reality. I will tell you this though, if work manages to keep me in Auckland, I am sure as ‘eck purchasing me an Annual Pass, and visiting this erection on a regular basis, fo sho!

Oh, and on a less windy day, i’m even going to partake in the SkyWalk… *time to clench readers* – this is where you walk around the tower. OUTSIDE. 192m in the air.

Thank you, now enjoy the pictures.

Cheers then bye.

Sam xxx

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