Dog Girl, an overly used whip, lightbulbs and screens. Your average Sunday afternoon.

A heads up, this will be a short post, a first for everything, but seriously, it will.

Yesterday, myself and two friends went off to the Auckland Civic Theatre to watch the most fantastic, Shadowland.

It was just simply, MAYZEN! We went out for a spot of brunch beforehand, at The Stables (totally recommend here by the way, ever in Auckland, check it out) then headed down the street for the afternoon show.

90 minutes of non stop entertainment! Walking in, and the venue even took our breathe away. From the photo’s, you would have thought we were in Thailand. The images were just reminiscent of that. Not that I’ve ever been mind, so careful not to quote me. Then I grabbed myself a rum & coke, and went and found my seat. Luckily, a comfy seat, and because the seating is so steep (if you’re scared of heights, you may wanna only visit the ground seating if ever attending an event here. Just a kind heads up there), a perfect view.

The ceiling had a smattering of tiny lights, giving it the outside on a clear night feel. The sensation of the stars was unbelievable, really quite something.

And then, the show began…

It was a fusion of; illusion and dance, not just shadow theatre, using dynamic screens, with creatures and beautiful images being magically conjured out of thin air.

In brief, it wasn’t just a show of shadows, oh no, but a story, a surreal one at that, of a young girl and her sensational world. The play begins as she falls asleep, with her shadow, waking up. The wall of her room suddenly starts to spin, trapping her on the other side. Unable to escape, the girl sets off on a journey of discovery, going deeper and deeper into Shadowland…where she becomes, Dog Girl.

90 minutes later, tear free, but I could have welled up at the end that’s for sure. It was just fantastic, seriously. If Shadowland comes to a town near you, you MUST check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Sam 😉 xxx

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