Pen to paper, paint to canvas, wander to creativity

A grey dreary Bank Holiday Monday, thank you Queen for having a birthday, and a tad indecisive about what one could do to occupy their mind and their feet, keep them away from the fridge, and out of the way so as to not get under anyone’s feet. Flicking through the Lonely Planet and I was able to drop an imaginary pin on the option of what I had actually wanted to do for some time, and that was to head to the Auckland Art Gallery.

Having my HOP Card at the ready (a NZ version of the London Oyster Card) fully loaded with a months worth of free travel (I say free, i’d topped up with a $190 to get me to-&-from the city for work, working being over, it’s come in handy to let me have some fun, of the cultural variety, until the 21 June. So yes, where was I…having my HOP card at the ready, I jumped on the bus and headed, once again, in to the city of Auckland, with my camera in my satchel, coming along for the cultural ride.

Auckland’s Art Gallery is located just off of the corner of Kitchener and Wellesley Streets, about a 10 min walk from Britomart (the lovely central bus station to which I arrived at). With Autumn drifting away and Winter slowly upon us, it was so pretty seeing the variety of leaf colours on offer upon my arrival to the gallery. I do love a bit of nature me. Not to be confused with naturist mind.

As soon as I arrived in to the gallery (in a very quick spinning revolving door!) I felt calm and chilled. The high ceilings, the peace and quiet and the colours just tugged at my attention immediately. I checked in my coat (NB. It’s warm in here, very warm) and off I went, on my artistic tour of awesomeness.

Not wanting to be known as a tightwad or anything, but I would just like to add, that at this point, i’d not spent a dollar. Not even a cent. The bus was free, and entry to the museum is free also. After reading this post, you’ll see that I was happy and would have easily paid to go in, but the fact that it was free. HELLO, double winner, right?!

You probably now don’t feel the need to read on. I mean, I just said I had fun here, that was all you care about wasn’t it, me and my happiness. Of course it was. But no, please, please do read on, it’ll make that cuppa in your hand get colder without you realising just that little bit sooner. Although, sup away on that beverage (it may not necessarily be tea, I appreciate this, hence the word BEVERAGE being used here. I’m not out to offend anyone here now am I), as to be fair, besides me just bragging on about what a great afternoon I had checking out some darn cool art, it’s mainly just pictures I have for you.

‘ere you go like, enjoy. And, if you’re ever in the area, do try it out for a visit. It’s free! But ultimately, it’s also fantastic. Much better than a tepid cup of tea isn’t it…

Should I be based in Auckland for a wee while, I know that I will indeed be heading back for a few more visits at least, as the gallery exhibitions do alter quite often, as seen here.

Sambo 🙂 xxx

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