Sambo and Blogging, we’re the two best friends… We just need Alan in our Wolfpack.

Having recently delved in on becoming a yocal and joining the library (a building I hadn’t stepped in since leaving school) I feel like I’ve a new found love. To be fair, I tend to like or loathe things pretty quickly. Then of course, being a woman, change my mind almost instantly. Constantly. But no, the library, it’s been a few days now, and I’ve been to two library’s, both of which I am very much smitten with. Sidenote: being a member of the Auckland Library’s, gives me access to all within the area – that’s 55 libraries! Anyway, I came across a book entitled; “Building a WordPress Blog people want to read“, by Scott McNulty.

Well, Scott, thank you! It’s such a great book 🙂 Cleverly written; comical, informative, simple, educational, helpful and just, well, very easy to scan through, or read in depth. I done the latter. Read the entire book, cover to cover, in depth within just a few days (whilst travelling on the bus morning and night) and then have scanned through just recently, over my last two posts (including this one).

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone new to WordPress. It’s just comforting to see that i’m using an already straightforward system, in the right way. Right way for me. Also, good to see that there are little changes I can make, here and there, that are slight changes, but can make a big difference.

As I said, I found the book very comical, which kept me interested, which in turn will keep me interested with keeping my blog. Hey, i’m sat here in the library, watching the rain beat against the window, listening to a youth scream above my headphones (I tend to digress) writing my second post of the day (and will be going on for a third shortly – i’m not obsessed, just behind) and still happy that I made the decision just a few months ago to start, and maintain a blog. Initially of my travels, but to be fair, as i’m pretty settled now, it’s just a blog about anything. Being in a country away from my main group of friends, old routine and majority of my family, albeit, I’ve always been a bit of a go it alone kinda gal it’s nice to just let my brain connect to my fingertips and have its little outburst, rather than it connecting to my mouth, and scaring off new potential friends, with my mahoosive daily word quota that I tend to have.

A quote in the book that really made me nod in agreement was this:

Personally, I blog because blogging makes me happy. If other people happen to like what i’m sharing, that’s cool, but that’s not what keeps me blogging.

Exactly that. I’m sure a lot of people, not even my friends will go on to read this for too much longer, but personally, it’s just something i’m enjoying, and probably keeping me healthy, blurting out all these shinanigans. With a word quota like mine, if I kept all that in my head, I would make myself even more of fruit loop, and probably have to socialise with the real world again. Well, we all know that’s depressing…I mean, I look on Facebook most days, and I would say at least 50% of my friends on there are moaning and just generally negative about something. Blogging, and of course Instagram, is something that helps me voice my positivity and general merriment. So, I think, it’s safe to say, i’ll be sticking at it a while longer.

Thanks again Mr McNulty, it’s been a pleasure.

Disclaimer: I do still have a mass group of friends / social circle, it’s just unfortunately, not everyone smiles as much as me, so I have to give them downtime.



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