Survived bowling, but a step, that I face plant

I know I know, been oh so slack at posting an entry of late haven’t I just, apologies for that my dear readers.

Apology done, the assurance of a post or two to follow most soon, and that just leaves me to continue with this post…

Last Monday I had the joyful nervous butterfly feeling upon waking for the day, as this day was the day I started my new job. Well done me. I am honest when I say, amongst many things, I have a strong love for numbers. Display those numbers in Excel, and my smile will continue to grow. Therefore, I knew the role was going to be something I enjoyed, Workforce Planner, but the company and the people within that company was the big test. Come morning tea on the first day, I knew I was gunna be pretty happy with these peeps. They too were clearly also tres lucky to have me on board, Cap’n Sambo.

Therefore, fast forward to Friday, I have successfully survived my first full week, smiles in place and feeling pretty good, I decided to accept the offer of a Welcome Drink and join a few of my new colleagues for a bevvie. Or many.

Stories were shared, giggles were had, dancing took place, along with a hi-5 competition with many-a-passer-by, and even a sporadic game of bowling. Then, upon leaving the bowling complex, throwing my heavy gym bag on to my back (failing to leave this in the office and collecting the following morning proves to be a gigantic error), off we skedaddled.

The rain had arrived and for all who own Converse, we know that they come with an unwritten safety warning, to never run on wet concrete that may contain drains, leaves and / or un certain steps. Needless to say, sometimes this rule is forgotten. So we ran, from bowling, to shelter, we ran. As I bolted up the steps, time suddenly went into ‘slow mo’ mode. I felt my dap slip from under me, I used what little core muscles I have to balance me, quickly bringing up my other foot to gain my balance. This didn’t go as planned however. My other dap slipped, and with the weighty PE Kit on my back, ass over tit did I travel. Knees smashed against the concrete, jeans ripped, and what I thought was dust from pedestrians shoes, escapes my mouth. Within moments, I realised that this was not in fact dust. No. But the grains of my two front teeth.

For 45 minutes I stood there, in the rain, with a colleague (whilst the others had all ran to get shelter in the nearest public house) being adamant I would find a way to rewind time. Just by a few minutes. Sadly, I failed myself. I did not achieve this goal. Instead, my colleague bundled me in a taxi and got me home.

Lightbulb moment! My housemate is a dentist!! Imaginary party poppers exploded, celebratory invisible cakes were being baked and champagne corks were popping. Somewhere.

2.30am I drifted off to Planet Kipster.

6.00am, I woke up to hear my housemate was up and getting ready for work. I pretty much tackled her in the kitchen with a “Help Me” sign and my usual perm-a-smile cake hole, fastened shut.

By 7.30am it was confirmed she could fit me in at 3.15pm. THAT DAY!!

Now imagine, the longest day EVER!!!! Great for the waist line mind you, I ate nothing. Zilch. Not a breadcrumb.

4.30pm, not only did I have two new front teeth, a completely sparkling set of gnashers (my first ever dental clean) but, I went to reception to settle the out of the blue, last minute, un budgeted for expense, when I heard this sentence, “hey, oh there is no charge. Totally free.”…. I swear I could have dislocated my jaw with the speed it dropped. I couldn’t believe it, my awesome housemate had just sorted me out, changed my life, become my actual super hero, out of the kindness of her own heart! What a star!!

Takes one to know one aye 😉

Seriously, I could not stop smiling. It’s back, my smile, and even bigger than before.

Today, after she insisted she wanted nothing, I was busy running my errands (including the purchase of a new electric toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash) when I made a purchase of a chocolate cake, a thank you card, and $150 Baby Factory gift card. Oh, my housemate, the dentist, she’s pregz. She had saved, not only my all time favourite hobby of smiling from having to be put to bed, but $700, so this really was just a drop in the ocean. Bless her.

Now, to learn how to purée all foods, just to save any possibility of damaging the new beaut!!

I just want to give another shout out, my dear friend Sir Richard, aka Magic, as promised I would. This makes ANY Snow Day injury seem like a tickle fight, don’t it just. Baxter, the First Aid kit is yet to be used 😉

Peace out my lovelies. Oh, and even when drinking responsibly, don’t run in daps when it’s raining or you’re twinned with a heavy satchel.






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