Generally just an update. The ALS IceBucket Challenge for ‘wetting’ your appetite maybe

Never force a post, never force a post…

It’s been a while since I’ve written about some of the adventures I have been on, I realise this. Being too busy having fun would be a good excuse, but also, what with just doing the general stuff, that most people consider boring (usually these are boring people – Oh, JUDGEN!), it’s kind of pointless writing about something that the majority of us do day to day anyways.

So, what have I been up to: um…hmm… since arriving in April (a little over 4 months ago) I actually spent some time at the start of my trip, really hunting for work. Temp, perm, contract, all sorts. I am now working in position number 4! I temped for a few weeks at the local council. Which was a very basic role of ‘formatting’ – aka. bold this, underline that, stuff this into a grid. Not only did I get paid (very!) well for such a basic job, I also made two new pals and gained a nightmare amount of germs. First cold in what feels like years, and it took over my life for 6 weeks. We all agree, don’t need to elaborate on that.

Two weeks of temping, and then I jumped into a ‘perm’ position (whoop whoop!) as an Owl with an analytical company. To start with, I was like, this is the dogs man: quirky office, a high percentage of English folk as colleagues (useful for bantz), and free food. Not just lunch either, nope, like, food, all the live long day. I realised pretty quickly that this job wasn’t for me. I made one pal there (fellow pom), and gained weight, but otherwise, was all a big giant un-nutritional yawn.

One day, I just thought, nah, this really isn’t for me, and handed my notice in. Just like that. No job lined up, no plans, nothing, just quit and didn’t give it two thoughts. Straight away, I knew it was the right thing, I was instantly relieved.

This year / working holiday visa is all about me, and is the easiest way to live as I live, just do what I want, for me. For a few years now, I’ve really shone as my father’s daughter, and just live life by the second. I don’t really plan, I don’t get bogged down, I just go with the flow. Sure, having a strong belief in ‘everything happens for a reason’ helps, but I seriously think, if you’re positive, you will always land on your feet. What’s the point of stressing / worrying / crying over spilt soya, just wastes time and usually means a smile has fallen off your face. This I really don’t agree with, I smile a lot, so having something that removes my perm-a-smile ain’t being part of my life. Okay, digressing now, so yeah, I was once again, an umemployed floater.

For all of a day! Left this role at 9.10 on a Tuesday morning, and I scored a new job at 2.30 Wednesday afternoon! Winner!

With the job I walked out on paying me my two weeks notice, and the new job not ready to take me on for two weeks, it all panned out pretty nifty, didn’t it just.

I even had time to fit a temp job in, for all of a day.

Week four at my new job has commenced, and all is going tres well. Tis a thumbs up from me, and apparently from my colleagues. Referring to my previous post of the uh, dental incident, it was whilst out with some new colleagues, and well they have a. Kept me on, b. Not judged and 3. Find me fun, so it’s cuddly toys from the conveyor belt all round I’d say!!

Besides work, what else has one been up to in this time…oh, there was that Sunday I hung our with my new celeb friends. Yes yes, mingling with the glitter-atsy yet again. Oh no, not Gary Glitter, those play dates came to a halt many years ago now. No, ‘Simon’ and ‘Will’ from The Inbetweeners 2 Premier. Oh what a night that was… My pal Sophie and I went to the (non) glitzy & (non) glam NZ premier. Had a ball; meeting the cast, annoying an entire kiwi filled cinema with our English laughter. Genuinely, best film I have seen in a long while. I was actually creasing up for the full 90 minutes!! Maybe it’s a combo of being away from people with a propa sense of humour for 4.5 months (kiwis really are a different kettle of fish) or the fact that the movie was (thankfully) nothing like the first, and way more like the TV show. Correct.

Also went to watch the Vodafone Warriors -v- Sydney Roosters at Mt Smart. Epic fail on the Kiwi team, but my two pals were happy with the thrashing the Roosters achieved. Despite the score, was a cracking day – weather wise, giggle wise, and the non stop banter that occurred.

Have spent pretty much the rest of my time with what just, from memory, feels like having fun. I have been working, going to the gym, watching plenty of good movies, had a few nights on the town and generally, as I said, just laughing and making a lot of memories.

Really am pleased with everything so far. Thank you New Zealand, four months completed – it’s a thumbs up, and definitely not a good bye, from me!

Ta-ta xxx





2 thoughts on “Generally just an update. The ALS IceBucket Challenge for ‘wetting’ your appetite maybe

    1. Aww, thanks! Submitted last Friday during lunch; medical approved Monday, payment cleared Tuesday, application confirmed today. Now I just wait… eeek/exciting xxx

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