Air biscuits and dutch ovens on a whole new level

A weekend out of a city is something a lot of us look forward to, I am one of those ‘us’. Last Friday was one of those days when my excitement built up as I knew come late afternoon, I was on a road trip to Rotorua with one of my new found friends, Sophie.

Flexi hours are a great perk with my new job, and even more so on Mufti Friday’s, when everyone seems to vanish from 2pm onwards. I hung around until 4pm however, shopping prevention and the non interest in walking around the city with my weekend satchel on my back, awaiting the depart time of my coach, the vehicle of choice for bargain breaks. Rotorua was our destination, and my golly, were my Kodak fingers at the ready! (*fighting back the smut*)

After a short delay in departing the wonderful (wet & windy) Auckland, we set off on the three and a half hour journey southwards. The plans of playing consequences and eating a non nutritional evening meal went to shit when we very quickly realised that the coach was jam packed, and the lights would be out the entire time. We inhaled a tube of Pringles (other snacks are available) before even setting off, so we weren’t too rumble rumble with our tums. Therefore, headphones in, Spotify on, and the occasional giggle at the lack of deodorant our fellow jail breakers sported, we sat back and let the minutes pass by.

Arriving at our accommodation a little after 10pm, we checked in, ate some more of our delicious treats (Pringles, Tim Tams and muffins). I jumped in to my latest read and Sophie sulked over the lack of television available. Sky TV was clearly either falsely advertised or just not up to her standards.

Getting a good nights kip, the alarm woke us up at 7am, and we enjoyed the free cooked breakfast and headed off to the iSite centre to see what touristy adventures we could enjoy for our first full day in Rotovegas. The smell, for Sophie, was not something she was ever going to enjoy. Yes okay, so the entire area just oozes the scent of sulphur, aka rotten eggs. It didn’t bother me (hey, I lived with someone for 5 years who suffered crohn’s disease, i’m used to the odd bit of vermin air), but I think she would have been happy to lose all sense of smell for the duration of the weekend. Timing was on our side, as we arrived at the iSite centre just as a mini bus pulled up, that we were able to jump on (for the exchange of $65) and head out to Lady Knox Geyser and Wai-o-Tapu. I’m not sure I can say too much, apart from, WOW! The views were stunning! We were lucky enough to have awesome weather on our side (did you know it was approaching the end of Winter here during the weekend?) and the steamy action was at force. The geo-thermal steam that is.

All that fresh air at our age (well, my age, Sophie is a youth compared to myself) made us a lil heavy eyed. So we grabbed a quick ‘snack’ – see the pic below of the giganourmous plate of wedges that were classed as a ‘lite bite’, and headed back to the lodgings for a lazy few hours in front of the tv, stack of tourist leaflets and of course, the bag of left over coach food. Hey, don’t judge us, we were doing lots of walking afterall! 😉

After a lazy few hours, you’d think two gals about town for the weekend, would have enjoyed getting a fresh face of make up on, some clean clothes and heading out for a dinner & drinks combo. Right? Well, you don’t know us that well, we actually just put an extra jumper on and headed to the cinema to watch The Inbetweeners 2 movie. For the third time. Yep, that’s right. AGAIN! It’s just too good a film. We laughed as much as the first time. And the second. Even spotted a few things we hadn’t picked up before. i.e. Jane’s surname is ‘Hardon’. Brilliant. So, 96 minutes of giggles passed, and we hadn’t eaten for at least two hours. Therefore, it was only right to grab yet another bite, and head home. So to the Golden Arches we headed. You can never go wrong with stopping by to see Ronald every now and then.

Sunday arrived and it was time to avoid the free hot breakfast before we knew it. And also time to burn off all the food consumed over the last 36 hours. Being a fan of walking and not having a car, we decided to walk down to Rainbow Springs – a nice 1 hour 20 minute walk, luckily it was another great day (“weather wise”). Getting there before the crowds had many perks. The main one being no kids were running around. No kids were making noise. No kids generally existed. Perfection. Obviously if you’ve chosen to be a parent, you won’t agree with this. But, horses for courses and what not aye. Fishies, birds, swans, ducks, Kiwi and even the Big Splash water ride. We had a fab few hours walking around, taking plenty of pics and enjoying the offerings.


Located next door is the Skyline Gondola. For $50 we went through to explore the fab views offered by way of the gondola trip and a buffet lunch (as you can tell, we enjoy our grub). The food was just as enjoyable as the views from the restaurant. I’d really recommend it to anyone out this way, for sure.

The return walk was much appreciated, once again time to burn off the food that was overly enjoyed. Back to our accommodation, to pick up our bags, then jump back on, yet another jam packed, and bid farewell to the much enjoyed, yet stenchy scented, weekend in Rotovegas!

Thanks for having us! Such fun! 🙂 xxx

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