Many answers to many questions, in one hit. Not one for the easily offended, mind. (Disclaimer)

Six months. 6 months. It was six months ago today that I landed in New Zealand. Driving from the airport to the hostel that was to be my home for the first few nights here, the memories, the scenery that I remembered, it was all six months ago.

In that short space of time, because that’s what it is, a “short space of time”. I mean, out of all the life we get, no matter how long or short it is, 6 months is nothing, yet; experiences have happened, memories have been made, as have friends, and my life, has changed.

The main thing is, I’ve landed a good job, with a great team at a good company, where I’ve managed to even support my visa application, and well, I’m here, as long as I stay in my job, i’m here until March 2017 – at least! Joy.

What does this mean? Am I staying here for good? Am I happy/ier? Will I ever go back to England? Am I home sick? Do I miss things / people / friends? These are just a smidge of the questions i’m being asked, constantly, by my friends. I say friends, what is the definition of ‘friend’. Note: no question mark, it’s very much a rhetorical question.

For the very few people that do know me, they’ll know that I don’t have the answer to any of these questions, purely because I live day by day, and I don’t plan. For me personally, I don’t see the point. Each to their own, but it just doesn’t work for me.  If it ain’t broke, an’all that.


Excuse me whilst I cause your eyes to roll, but I had a taster of what ‘friends’ do when you move off of their doorstep back in 2012, when I moved from the South West, an hour on the train away, to the South East. Oh my, it was crazy; phone networks went down, Facebook crashed and the postmen, always on strike. I mean, surely that’s the only justification as to why people stop getting in touch, isn’t it? So imagine now, now I’ve moved to the Southern Hemisphere, set 12 hours in the future, it’s just crazy, it really is. It’s funny though, I’ve sent a few post cards and gifts from New Zealand, back to the UK, and surprisingly (genuinely!) it tends to arrive super quick. We’re talking 4-5 days. Shocking I agree. However, in reverse, it must be the time difference / international date line, as I receive little, if anything, and communication wise, nope, it just isn’t possible. All my poor pals that promised me how they would keep in touch, just not able to follow through on that promise because of technology and air mail getting in the way. Excluding the lovelies that I speak to very regularly, these people I can count on one hand. I won’t name names, but Texas, Crowthorne and YewTree have a great contact rate 🙂

Yes, sarcasm is a very great form of wit. A talent too.

For me, Summer is now approaching, which I am finding strange, as it’s been over 12 months since I experienced one now, having left the UK before the Summer of 2014 arrived, so to have that approaching, along with Christmas, is making me feel a tad confused. I’m going to use that reason when I send very little in the way of Christmas Cards & Gifts to my ‘friends’ this year. You’re welcome, chums.

Another area that keeps being raised with me is along the lines of when will I find a boyfriend, plan to get married, have children. Um, excuse me, I am happy right, i’m not searching for anything. I’m not even sure I want any of that, if it happens, then it happens, and for those that have it, i’m happy for you. But yet, you don’t seem to understand how I can be happy without any of that. Sure i’m only 32, in my eyes I don’t see that as old, but I also calculate that as should I have a child, I will be in my 50’s when it leaves secondary school. My father passed away before I left secondary school, in his 50’s. It wasn’t pleasant, and i’m not sure I would want to go through all of that again, really.

Rant (semi) over, let me continue with my latest update: with the job and the visa sorted, and my housemates baby just two months away from arrival, it was my task to find somewhere new to live. Here in Auckland, I have found it very different to the house hunting nightmare back in the UK; you view somewhere, it’s nothing like it’s particulars, you view 10 other places, you finally accept somewhere, you hand in your notice, in one month you can move. Here, you find somewhere, you like it, job’s a gud’un! So, with a fantastic fully furnished flat found, I move in less than two weeks – Labour Day weekend, which does prevent a weekend away, but still, my own abode, damn I can’t wait! All that space for friends from overseas to visit, oh hang on… So yeah, space, and fully furnished, and the views over the city – incredible. I will deliver photo’s upon moving day i’m sure. It’s also just around the corner from where I am now, which is fabulous. I set the bar pretty high by moving to such a sweet as location early on. So yep, thumbs up, again.

What else has occurred with me since my trip to Rotorua, let me think back… got my visa, went to the wonderful capital city of Wellington for two days (for work), been to the movies, been to the theatre – Sound of Music, signed up to Greenpeace, caught up with friends…just the same ol’ same ol’ really. Continuing with the life I’ve been happy in, for some time now. Not just in NZ, I was happy in the UK too, I had a good life. I didn’t come here to escape anything, I came here because I have wanted to come back since 2005. So yeah, i’m happy, and enjoying life, and making new friends that want to share in it.

Maybe the sour tone is stemming from reading Morrissey’s autobiography. Which by the way, a cracking read. I admire him, have done for some time. He’s not everyone’s cup of PG, correct, but his honesty and darn right bluntness is welcome. It also comes from the free time I had to write it, due to all my various forms of communication being ignored.

To those that do keep in touch, life is good. To those that said they would but don’t, we met once, maybe we were even friends. Shit happens.

Until I have something to report on, over & out!

Sambo xxx

PS. Comment as you see fit, I really don’t offend easily.


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