Del Boy said running away just wears out your shoes. Many say running for fun makes you smile. I agree with both.


Chuckling to myself at 8am today when I heard the phrase, “Ready? 3, 2, 1….”, instantly then saying, quirkily, in my head, “Contenders, you, will go, on my first whistle. Gladiators, you, will go, on my second whistle…”, obviously in a Scottish accent, not all of you will get that reference, but to those that do, you’re welcome. Anyway, why was I hearing this at such a time on a Sunday morning in Spring? I tell you for why, I was taking part in my very first ‘running’ race, the Skechers 6k (Walk/run/jog). In three words; it. was. incredible.

Sure, I didn’t manage to run the entire route, you heard me say it was my first running event aye?! It took a good 5 mins to get through the bottle neck (still, I kept those minutes on my final result time) and then I got to the 2km mark, aka known as the Water Station, and as it was beaming sunshine already, I had to stop for fluids. And a water (sorry). Running whilst supping out of a plastic cup ain’t possible, so I walked, for around quarter of James Arthur – “You’re nobody ’til somebody loves you” then picked up the pace. The route was 3km out, then one was to do a 180 and travel back along the same 3km, so I stopped at the same water station en route back, grabbed a beaker and slowed down my pace. This time for a third of Jessie ‘i’m so annoying’ J, and her Bang Bang’ing on.

Before I knew it, I was back at the Start / Finish line, in one piece. Albeit a lovely shade of beetroot, but yeah, 8:42am and I was ripping that lid off the water bottle quicker than a flasher undoing his mac.

I gotta say, I am so proud of myself. I walked the 2.3km to the event, ran the 6km event, walked the 2.3km home and have since signed up for 3 more runs (December 5km, February 5km – Colour Run and March 8.4km). It’s safe to say, I’ve got the running bug. Last week I admitted I have the yoga bug, what’s becoming of me. *Note to self: remember to insert pic of hot athlete here, they’ll never know*. Sure, these events all cost, but it’s keeping me out the pubs and exercise clobber is stretchy, so I won’t have to replace that as often as I do normal clothes. I’m the queen of justification me 😉

I may not have a super speedy time to boast about, but hey, we all start somewhere, and I had a ball, so it’s a thumbs up from me, and the usual Cheshire cat smile is fully thrown upon my boat race.

Now, any tips on a decent running watch (with GPS), most welcome thank you please. I’m not sure I can hold out for the release of the FitBit Surge.

I’m off to stretch, ta-ra xxx

One thought on “Del Boy said running away just wears out your shoes. Many say running for fun makes you smile. I agree with both.

  1. Well done! Fantastic achievement! While I find running pretty boring and tiresome myself, I have been coerced into a charity 10k run with colleagues in Central London in early February. Still to sign up and build/follow a training plan but I do need to give myself a target to aim for. Five years ago I completed a 10km run in Newbury, with the first 2km being all up hill. You may just have inspired me to take that first step!

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