A workman always blames his tools.

It’s been six weeks since my last post… I feel i’ve been in this situation before, so I won’t waste my time with another pointless apology. I mean, no one actually requests these posts eh, so i’ve therefore nothing to apologise for.

Pointless introduction over, let’s get down to business; i’ll write, you’ll read.

I’m not one for excuses, but I am one for talking, so i’ll give a reason as to why i’ve not posted in a wee while and you can decide if it’s justified or not.

In summary – I didn’t have the tools.

Did that wash? Either no, or you don’t care. If the latter, well what you doing still reading, as i’m only going to type on some more. Standard.

Let me clarify on what tools one needs to write a blog. A keyboard and a screen. Sure, I have both of these, in one place, on my laptop. The trouble is however, my laptop is permo connected to my tv. Reason for this is, for years now, i’ve watched very little tv. Two reasons for this: 1. there is never anything on, and 2. I find it somewhat sad that in this day and age people commit to a tv show more than they can do their relationships with loved ones. Sure, I love a good tv series, but i’m a boxset kinda gal, not someone that has to sit down, the same time every week (sometimes a few times a week) to watch the latest offerings and then moan about the adverts taking up all the time. Hang on, i’ve digressed on one of my popular ‘slate the nation’ opinionated rants. The reason my laptop is always plugged in to my TV is because i’m a film fan. Watch these whenever I want, two hours, done. Oh, hang on, but if someone with loved ones around them done the same thing, i’d have just slated it above…so how to explain i’m not contradicting myself… I cannae be arsed, but basically I live alone, without a partner or friends around me, so I am an anomaly, lol.

Sure I could easily do the split screen on my laptop, but another issue is it’s too heavy on my lap, I can’t have it on the table as then I am not keeping my peepers on the movie / boxset and well, the amount of times i’ve had pop ups, errors, yadda yadda yadda… Pen and paper would be my ultimate choice of blog writing, but ain’t that just a diary, that no one else can read?! Hello, is anyone actually reading this?

I’ve now bored you with enough pointless jibberish, but besides a retail assistant, i’ve spoken with no one today, so my word quota is hardly even dented, I can lift the curtains on the point of this post…today I purchased my new blog writing equipment:

Yep indeedy, that’s right. An iPad Mini (the retro version), and it’s own lil dinky keyboard. Now I can blog from anyway; my lap, my balcony or even the beach! You therefore have permission to verbally abuse me should I try and fob you off with excuses again, should I fail to post more regularly.

Right, I best get on and catch up on my bloggin eh! Ta-ra xxx

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