Who used that Neuralyzer on me?!

You wait for a bus, it doesn’t show, you walk ten minutes down the road, and two will pass you on your journey.

This post therefore, is that second bus going past you as you’ve just about given up waiting for my next blog post.

What on earth have I been up to over the last six weeks? I’m asking myself that question, you can save your breath on asking the same thing. I’ve just checked over my calendar to refresh my memory, and even i’m amazed as to what’s been occurring of late…

Since my first run, i’ve got my size 9s (NZ size) over two further finish lines. The Santa Run and the ADRA 5km in Mission Bay. In summary, dressing up in a Santa suit, and running 3km, at 6pm when the sun is beaming down is a mixture of emotions, that lasted beyond the 19 minutes it took to complete. Then a 5km the following Sunday, it was fab, I loved the route, I loved the views, the weather was gorgeous but yet, I went and got a stitch. Not just any stitch, but it had me halted on the spot for 4 minutes. Frustrating indeed. I still completed with a time of just shy of 36 minutes, so I cannae beat myself up too greatly now. Can I?

With all this hot stepping enjoyment, I have also since treated myself to a running watch. With a lil help from the momma (she kindly sent me some spondoolies for Chrimbo). I’ve managed to put it to good use a few times, but have since suffered from a near death like cold*, went away for two nights for the festive break, and well, now need to get myself back in to it. But still, it’s a darn good watch, and it’ll be the making of me, you just wait and see.**

It’s a TomTom Runner, which has interval capabilities and GPS, which were the two key things, along with the noting of my pace, that I wanted in a running watch. I had been eyeing it up for some time, so was incredibly grateful, as well as shocked, when momma surprised me with the festive not so chocolate coins.

During early December, the event calendar started to pick up somewhat. So much so, I found my diary filling up with ink quicker than a shell suit going down a slide. First stop, the ballet. That’s right, but first ever trip to the ballet. A Christmas Carol. It was good, very enjoyable. Not the ballet as I was expecting, but enjoyable none the less. It wasn’t ballet as such, more a mute musical. The costumes were fabulous, albeit covering up a lot of the usual ballet moves, but still the performance achieved a thumbs up from me.

Each year, millions of people around the world, first get the nerves, immediately followed by the dread. That’s right, the Office Christmas Party occurred. I will start by saying, it was flippin’ MAYZEN!! Secondly, I will declare the shocking truth, I hardly drank. Yep, that’s right, you can have a good time without the mass inclusion of alcohol. Shocking to most of you i’m certain. Finally, that it started from 6pm, and resulted in me getting home at 4.30am the following day. Staying awake to watch the sunrise from my balcony and spend the day watching a combination of back to back movies and the rain pelt against the windows.

Very few people didn’t drink at the office party, which puts me way up there with the strongest memory of the evening, Thankfully. Good food, good music, and a good group of fellow colleagues heading to a near by public house after the main event. I was looking forward to the cringe worthy faces on the Monday, but sadly I was on death’s door for two days so missed out on this highlight.

One of my festive highlights this year, was the outdoor cinema, down at Silo Park. The screening of Home Alone 2 was most enjoyable and gave me a slight itch of Christmas spirit.

Then we arrived at Christmas. After performing in the office Christmas Choir (don’t be fooled in to thinking I can sing, as I really can’t), and having a good giggle with that, I skipped on down to the coach station to get on board and head down to my Auntie and Uncles for the festive day ahead.

It was so nice to head down there for a few days. Their place is literally in the middle of nowhere, and coming from the countryside back in the UK, I love this. It’s also incredibly peaceful and stunningly green. Sadly however, this time, it was full of privet and it attacked my hayfever nigglies no end.

A good feed, some lovely sunshine, a great catch up with the cousins and the fam-a-lam and the best EVER game of Pictionary, it was Boxing Day and time to return home.

That was yesterday, and here I am today.

Hope you all had a good Christmas readers, whatever you done, wherever you were and whomever you got/chose to celebrate with. Enjoy the remains of your 2014, and be sure to make some final cracking memories!

Toodle pip scallywags xxx

* Slight exaggeration
** As above

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