I am a big C me. No no, not a celeb, but a country bumpkin, get me outta here!*

Whether you love um, or hate um, cities have a list of multiple pro’s and con’s. So when you’re living in one, you add to that list regularly.

Sure, they’re; convenient, have great transport links, access to retail outlets, entertainment venues are multiple, eateries, sights, and hey, even beaches. They also have; tourists, exchange students, expense, pollution, noise.

Needless to say, and not just because i’m from the Somerset countryside originally, an escape out of the City of Sails is a breath of fresh air, literally, every now and again.

Whilst spending a total of ten days in solitude, I would say that I could blame work for this (I was ‘on call’ for three days), or the fact that I don’t drive, but really, what it comes down to, in utter honesty, is loneliness. I had to get out the house, at least once or twice, and not just for fresh air or for interaction with other adult humans, but to find somewhere to switch off, and really escape.

Going back to the loneliness comment for a second, I often think of when I was back in the UK, and everyone commented on the fact I was always smiling, would come across positive, and I’ve a strong ‘go with the flow’ attitude. Course, I still have these things, the trouble is, I don’t see anyone for this to be confirmed. I have friends here, of course, although, not good ones as I had thought. Or rather, that sounds disrespectful to them, and that’s not my intention, I don’t have ones like I have from the UK (including my favest whom now lives in the USA). Which yes, is one of the reasons I moved to New Zealand – to escape the world in which I lived, where I felt it just wasn’t enough for me. As in, I was never shy about saying how negative I thought people were in England (and I admit, you’re reading this now, thinking how negative I sound, again, not my intention, so bear with me Mr.), always finding something to whinge about; the weather, the expense, the tv, work, the local. If you don’t like it love, move away or do summat different. Sheesh, it ain’t that hard, and anything really is possible. Kiwi’s, just seem a lot more positive and outgoing. I’m sure a lot of you will give the stereotypical answer, “but they have better weather”, give it a rest, they just get on with life, and more importantly, enjoy it!

Back to me and my post, that’s why we’re on this page after all. With being cooped up for festive period, and waiting for the work phone to ring (which it did, thankfully), I enjoyed the stunning views and weather from my balcony, trying out some new music and reading a plenty. Well bent eh. And then, then I thought, whilst this place is a ghost town for the holidays, i’m gunna take a walk, and that walk, is just 3.3km from my apartment, and leads me to Mount Eden.

For those of you that don’t know, Auckland has many volcanoes (48). I know, pretty neat huh. You can Google it (as with everything these days (sigh)), if you want to know more, just so I don’t waste my time filling you with awesome geographically information if you ain’t really signed up for that.

I slip slap slopped with the sunscreen, grabbed my sunnies, selfie stick and Nikon and my trusty ol’ Converse (circa 2012, so not that ‘old’) –  it wasn’t a rough terrain ahead of me, these would more than suffice, and skipped off on my way.

It begins with a nice walk, through Newmarket, and then the residential streets of Mt. Eden. Bringing me to the street sign which pointed me towards the mound of green that I was to hike. In case you didn’t open one of the handy links above, here is a wee bit of information for you, to understand the hike I completed. And apologies if you’ve bigged this up by yourself, I don’t feel I have aided this AT ALL, but yeah, when I say ‘hike’, I may just mean a few minutes walk up a steep as shet hill…

the dormant eponymous volcano whose summit, at 196 metres (643 ft) above sea level, is the highest natural point on the Auckland isthmus. The majestic bowl-like crater is 50 metres (160 ft) deep. The volcano erupted from two craters 28,000 years ago, with the last eruptions from the southern crater filling the northern crater.

I sweated my way up to the top, I mentioned it was a very warm Summers day didn’t I, and well, I was just speechless. Not only did I take 100+ kodaks, I just sat. I sat and took in the views of this glorious city. In a very peaceful and tranquil way. Seriously, I sat for a good stint of time (i’m having a guestimate of at least 90 minutes) and really just escaped. Escaped the enclosed living area of the city, but staring at the city from afar. I’m weird, I know this. It’s strange how 3km felt like so much more. I was able to switch off 100%. Clear my mind, just sit and breathe. And smile. It was incredible.

Sometimes you don’t have to get on a jet plane to escape your front door, you just need to admire the area around you from a path you have yet to walk down. The results can be a blessing.

Also, for any of my readers that know me, i’m not now smoking crack and dancing around a field in a tutu, i’m just allowing myself to experience the peace that my body needs to grow.

If you didn’t appreciate that, then maybe you will these beauties. Namaste my lovelies xxx

*I wonder what other big C you were thinking of.

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