Red sky at night… Sambo and her camera’s delight!

The name of this Blog that you’re currently perusing insinuates that i’m a traveller. Not in a gypsy hobo type way, of course not (I shower daily thanken yow), but that I go on lil trips here there and sometimes over there too. This is true, yes, but I also work full time to help secure my visa and to help aid my plan to stay on this fantastic island for the foreseeable future. Oh, and also to earn an income, a gals gotta eat, riiiight! I should probably eat less than I do, but this isn’t a post about dietary needs.

Please therefore raise a smile (not prematurely, but for a taste of things coming to your peepers as you scroll down), because you dear reader, have landed yourself on a ‘travel’ piece. Not a travel piece I required my passport for, but instead, my sea legs.

One of the perks of living in a city, is that there is a lot to offer on your doorstep. Variety, options and a bunch of other people wanting to enjoy the same thing. In turn, keeping the costs low(er).

If you’ve been following me for a wee while, you’ll know that I came across to New Zealand on a Visa supported by IEP. Being a ‘member’ of IEP includes regular newsletters via email. Usually it involves updates from fellow members on their travels, work ideas, car sales, camping equipment up for grabs, and occasionally, holidays / trips. I’m sure you’ve figured it out now, that on the latest newsletter, I was happy to see that there was a Sunset Harbour Cruise on offer, with the added delight of a BBQ, all for just $30. Yep, just $30!! For my acquaintances in the UK, that’s just £15. Baaa-argain, i’m sure you’ll agree.

Myself and some peeps I know from the IEP massive decided to head along, as did a very large bunch of other joiner inners. Backpackers, young families, tourists, hotties, and of course, the crew.

I don’t really wanna harp on about it too much, I mean, it’s not difficult to understand: a boat, a cruise around the harbour, during the time of the sunset (7pm – 9.30pm). With a BBQ thrown in (not literally thrown, Health & Safety is a big concern on a boat), and well, I’m no Kodak catcher by trade, but i’m sure you’ll agree, the pics speak for themselves… Enjoy! As I did 🙂 xxx

By the way, if you’re interested, go to the website and book yourself up a treat!



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