Keep the stains, you filthy animal!

Last Sunday, I had, thee time, of my life! Quite a statement I hear you mutter, but seriously, I can’t explain (although obviously this post means I will but try) just how much fun I had.

What was the reasoning behind this, you may ask, well my dear readers, it was The Colour Run, Auckland NZ. Simply just that; some colour, and a ‘run’. This is, from what I assume, a world wide event (I know of people partaking back in the UK, and my bestie in the US has seen them), so I’m sure a high percentage of you have either heard of these such events, and maybe been lucky enough to take part. If you haven’t, sign up to the next one near you, a-sap, you won’t regret it!

So how did my pristine start to the day, really go…

Waking up to my trusty ol’ radio alarm clock at 5.30 on a Sunday morning, can’t say that’s something that happens too often, was a wee bit of a struggle. Partly due to it still being nighttime colours outside, and also due to the fact I’d had a rotten time actually getting off to n’nights in the first place. But, I managed to get myself outta bed just dandily. Straight in to the bathroom for a brief wash and a clean of the teethy pegs, before stepping into my outfit for the occasion. An outfit that could have been that of a late night Hen Do the night before, or of an overweight ballerina, or maybe even just seem weirdo that likes to be a tad random at times. I’m the latter. Stepping out into the peaceful streets, and heading down to the CBD to meet my friend, and her friends, for the fun that awaited, I confused some late night/early morning tradies with my sober walk, fresh face, but quite queer outfit as I admired the remains of the non sun lit sky.

Grabbing a quick coffee to wake up the running legs (I’m still trying to fully locate these) and a few giggles with some new found friends, we then jumped on our allocated bus, and headed over to the North Shore to see what the joyful playtime gods had in store for us.

A large field and 8,000+ people. That’s what we arriving too. Oh good. I could see the paint tunnels around the course, and was starting to feel a lil nervous that I wouldn’t get as much paint on me as I had hoped (Spoiler Alert: I needn’t have worried). With the start time approaching, it was best we had a quick wee stop and joined the queue at the start line. Yeah, well, the thing is, at a Colour Run, they only send through a batch of people over the start line at a time, maybe one batch every five minutes. Needless to say, there was a need of providing your own entertainment for a smidge. I say entertainment, I include perving in this statement. Statistically, with over 8,000 people at the event, there had to be at least one hottie, right?! Hmm. Moving on, making our way to the start line, I think around the 9am mark (Yep, we’d been queuing for quite a while aye), I managed to nab myself some free socks, which I used as mittens, exciting. The countdown occurred, apparently we were to “go on 3”, so it was most bizarre when he started counting down from 10…! With a flippin’ cheerleader being tossed in the air to start us off, we ran as steadily as our feet would take us, 5k race, had commenced. So around 8 minutes later when we reached the first paint tunnel, there was to be no more running. We were over it. Our concentration was now geared at the colour part of the event. Holy mackerel and a rubber duck, this was incredible! Volunteers were squirting powder paint at us, people were throwing fistfuls of it at us, we were throwing it at ourselves, rolling around on the floor… However I was being decorated, it was being appreciated no end, and the smile didn’t fall from my face once. Which explains why I had rainbow teeth come lunch time.

Walk, paint, giggle and repeat.

We continued our way around the course, playing through more paint zones and even a snow zone at the end, with our pristine white selves being left in the past. So. Much. Fun. It was now time to party…

I have to say, with the start of the event lacking entertainment, the finish line completely flipped and reversed. The party atmosphere was absolutely bangin’! The music, the laughter, the dancing, MORE paint, it was incredible, seriously just so much fun, it was oozing out of my unicorn spritzed pores.

I didn’t want to leave. With the sun shining down on us, and our ears full of tunes, as well as paint, it was like we were at a festival (something that I miss from home, Glastonbury you’re a gem), and everyone was high on just life. Sadly however, it was time to grab our fetching event ponchos to keep our awaiting bus in tip top condition, and head back to the city, where a pint and a roast dinner were to be inhaled.

Having modelled for many tourists and their cameras en route home, the smile remained, and as did, four days on, the paint on my skin. As I stated on my Facebook status, if I am to ever get married, the whole rigmarole has to be a Colour Run. I am not a fan of weddings, but I am a fan of fun.

I can’t explain enough,and really can’t do it justice, how much fun this event was, and if you can, if the event comes near you, take part, it’s worth every penny of the registration fee, with giggles you’ll hear for weeks after. I’m sure. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat my paint covered socks.

Colourful smiles my lovelies xxx

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