I’m OFFICIALLY a Hobbit!

Legend has it, that, Hobbits are considered to “come of age” on their 33rd birthday. I went to Hobbiton for my 33rd birthday bonanza. So surely that can only mean one thing… I AM of Hobbit gene. Right? I have curly hair. Hang on, i’m not short, and I don’t see the need to wax my feet, so maybe not. Still, surely it’s making you think aye!

Anyway, lucky for you, a short word quota on this post, I mean, you all know of the MAYZEN place that is Hobbiton right (where have you been if you say no, go check out Google right away, or better yet, go to your web browser and search on Netflix immediately, for the movie. Personally i’d prefer to read The Hobbit, but it’s not all about me…well…). Digression aside, basically, I feel the kodaks will speak for themselves in this post. All I want to add is you MUST visit this overly priced tourist attraction, as I guarantee, whether you’re a fan or not, you will want to pick up an Estate Agents listing at The Green Dragon once here, and get set to set up camp here right away. It’s just too adorbs!

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