You there, rain, you will not wash away our memory making. But okay, I’ll take the trench foot.

Another public holiday is upon us, this time celebrating the good work of those decent forces troops, ANZACaceries. So, another public holiday means Sambo gets another weekend mini break. But, I didn’t decide on going anywhere new, that my peepers hadn’t seen before, no, not this time, I went back to the beautiful Mount Maunganui. What can I say, even with everything closed for the celebrations, and the rain coming down, nothing will keep me away from this beautiful location.

Although I travelled alone there, I was not taking this trip alone, instead I was meeting up with two travel buddies from my memorable Birthday trip on the East Coast, Laura and Kim.

Skipping out the office on the Friday afternoon and heading down to get my usual form of transportation, the NakedBus, I sat in the traffic with all the other minibreak goers, for five hours, until I arrived, late at night, in the darkness, in the rain, at my backpacker stop, and met up with the two gals. We caught up for a few hours, then crashed and burned in our sauna of a room, for a restless nights kip.

Saturday was not as patriotic as it should have been, apologies Kiwi people, I did not pay my respects as I should have done, and actually just spent the morning hanging out with some fellow English men, catching up about how at 33, we were the only singleton unmarried non offspring producing friends of our UK based pals, and enjoying our lives doing what we wanted to do, as and when, yet still working a decent job, earning a living, paying our way, just with a lot less ties. Then, I am even more ashamed to say, hit The Golden Arches for an early lunch. It was meant to be breakfast, but we had missed that McMeal time by an hour.

A casual walk around the sleepy wet town, we opted for a trip to the cinema to enjoy the latest offerings from The Avengers. Brilliant. Stuffed to the brim with popcorn, a further wander around the shops occured, resulting in the purchasing of an easy Summer throw over, ready for my trip to Fiji at the end of next month. I’ll be beach to bar ready in a split second. I also purchased, again in the sale, a wee little handbag to help feminise me away from my usual rucksack. Shops were a closing, and the rain was a falling, so to Burger Fuel we hopped, before heading back to the hostel to chill out and watch the already playing American Beauty, followed by Inbetweeners 2 (yes yes, probably my 100th viewing), and then collapsing with my Kindle. I know, I just ooze rock & roll aye.

Sunday delivered sunshine, which in turn delivered a trip to the beach. Always nice, Vitamin D intake and what not. The day could’ve started a little more productive, with the good intention of a morning run escaping my mind during my interrupted nights kip, so lazing in bed with my ol’ pal Spotify until around 9am suited me just fine. Then, a very quick trip to the ladies WC and me and the two gal pals were off to browse the shops and of course, hit the beach! It wasn’t the summerest of summery days, but it was swim wear weather and we had all just purchased a cheap read at the discounted book shop, so a few hours was easily gunna be enjoyed. Reading, napping, sunning – perfection.

To balance out the lazy few hours, we popped our shoes back on and set off for, one of my fave things to do, a hike around the wonder that is, The Mount. The grey clouds had appeared, but with it only wind had come attached, and no rain…yet. Not as many pics this time mind…

Having worked up an appetite, we stopped by a local eatery (Chinese takeaway) for some fine cuisine (fish and chips). I tell ya what, for $12, including a ginger beer, it was ruddy tasty food! With our tummies full to the brim, and the sun almost at setting status, back to the hostel we did head. And, as you’ll figure out over the next few sentences, the day didn’t get much more crazy as, so I’ll just summarise and say we ended up watching one of thee greatest TV shows ever created… No, not The Poddinton Peas, but yes, The Inbetweeners. I mean, it’s probably been a week at least since I last watched it aye. Correct.

A cuttle of episodes later and I was once again in bed with the book I had purchased earlier that day. Planet Kipster was visited soon after.

Monday Monday rainy Monday. No wonder I’ve not had a single hit of the ol’ home sickness bug as yet, with the rain coming down as often as it does, it’s like I never left wonderful Blighty. It didn’t just rain today, it poured. Oh, and poured. Then even poured some more. Lovely. It would have been better if I was dressed a tad more practical for the weather change however. A hoody does just not cut it. Slapped wrists for leaving my pac-a-Mac at home. I’m also fully aware that Converse are not waterproof, yes incredibly comfy, but Trench Foot is a silly disease to die of. My new Possom Socks will see me right tho, once I’m home, showered and in the warm, my tootsies are in for a right treat innum!

Currently sitting on the coach heading back, with a damp as hoody thrown on the floor (there is no way that thing will dry out before I get home, even with all these hours sitting in traffic), with a new book to keep me company. I finished and traded in yesterday’s discounted purchase, and am now on The Maze Runner. By page 4, I was gripped. Tis WELL good I tell ee. You should read it. But no pressure.

As always The Mount treated me well, and I feel rested and grateful for my time away from the city. I also feel happy to have spent some time with some travellers who are at the end of their New Zealand tour. Hearing their stories and adventures makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and their excitement for heading home, even more so. Bless um. No matter what age you get to, or how much the cyber world takes over, pen pals are always a nice thing to have, and these two fellow travelling hobos, I’m sure that’s what they will be. Pleasure to include you in my friends, and never a chore creating new memories. Take them all with you, and may only the best things happen to you, or if not, may the best things come of the not so pleasant shinanigans that stop in your path.

And to The Mount, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again soon enough, this time with waterproofs. Oh, and probably not so keen to stop in a working hostel aye. Me need sleep.

Speaking of which…n’night!xxx


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