Another 365 days complete yet another year.

It’s not quite six months since my last post, so I’m not totally terrible. Am I? No no, I thought not. My memory however, could be somewhat shocking when I try to think back as to what I’ve been up to since my last post. Lots of fun, that I’m sure, but to narrate that fun, to you, i’ll need to consult my calendar, just to refresh my mind a smidge.

August 2015: I went to Wellington, on the train, you saw that. Oh, and I’m sure many of you (not quite all) thought that that acting contract came through and that’s why I’ve been awol. Well, hold off asking for signed pictures just yet, that hasn’t occurred. Still time though. I also went to Hamilton during that month. Well, that was an experience. It’s quite a um, quite a town. Even I’m not sure what I mean by that. I will say however, cracking zoo (giraffes live there), and the Gardens, beautiful!! My friend Sophie and I went there on the good ol’ coach after work on the Friday, arrived at our accommodation, which, to be fair was okay. Helped mainly that the hostel manager was an utter fruit loop. In the nicest, yet craziest, way possible. I forget her name, but let’s say Tilly. She liked her wacky clothes, incense, and wine. Lots of wine. She did bump us up to our own room mind you, so I’ve nothing but kind words to say about her. Tilly.

We walked a lot this weekend, did Sophie and I. We felt good for it, all bar our feet. When I got back home on the Sunday and scraped off my daps, my toes swelled due to the blisters that had nested in. Lovely.

I met a boy. Yip, I met a boy. We’re now ‘In a Relationship’, even on Facebook. So I don’t need to elaborate on that. If you could see my smile, you’d read between the lines. Or rather, teeth.

On the flip side of this, One Direction announced their bad news; they were splitting up.

Such a rollercoaster of a month was August. When one door closes, another one opens…

September 2015: I once again took a lil trip to Mount Maunganui. Again, no further elaboration required, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this magical land a number of times in previous posts. Yes, it’s still absolutely stunning.

October: A very random evening of post work drinks, with an ‘early night planned’, saw me getting home at 5.30am the following day, after a sporadic outing to get my stomp on to SBTRKT. Such an epic night. Got so lost in the music, man. It was also free. In the sense that I just walked past the ticket collecting people and was inside. Easy. As well as cheeky.

A weekend trip to Christchurch with my little Prince Deborah occurred. Not sure how much I can say about this, have a feeling we both signed a waiver about this trip. What happened on tour, and what stayed in our memory, stayed on tour. Cracking English shop down these there parts though. Custard Creams and Prawn Cocktail Walkers crisps were inhaled. Whilst slumped in a local park, with no people to add unnecessary noise to our sore heads. We weren’t hungover no no, we don’t get those. We were just mostly tired. Promise.

Labour Weekend: No no no, I’ve not had a child that is also what has NOT been keeping me busy. The Public Holiday (sorry English peeps, ‘Bank Holiday’ to us really) in late October, known as Labour Weekend. Now this, this was a fun one. A trip over to Waiheke Island to enjoy a wine tasting venture, a tasty lunch, and an utter mash up over a DJ set. In the blistering sunshine. Daaaaamn, this was a blast. With zero kiwi’s in our group of 11, we tore it up, universal style!

November – blimey o’ Reilly. Looking at my calendar, I really can’t see that a great deal occurred. Aladdin was on tv however. Goes without saying this would have been my highlight for the month.

December 2015: Oh oh oh, I went on my ‘olidays! I popped over to that little place, that some of you may have heard of, Australia. That’s right, I went to a town, known by the name of Sydney. (Inbetweeners fans, you get it). Separate post available.

It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas!!!

With just eight working days in the office during December, i’m allowed to say it was a pretty cruisy month. Throw in my fave time of the year, Chrimbo, and it was a pretty nifty month too. Christmas Eve saw me hop on a jet plane yet again, this time with the significant other, and off to Christchurch we did fly. Yip, it hadn’t been long, but I was off to spend the festive period with the chap, his famalam and his oldest friends. Hashtag no pressure.

It was SUCH a great trip. Christmas Day, and not just because I was spoilt, and the people I was with were fantastic (obviously ALL of that helps) was so good. I really had such a great day. I don’t think a smile left my face, well, maybe briefly when the nerves set in knowing I was having to meet the gran-in-law, but they vamooshed when I met her and I think, THINK, it went okay. (Hell, it’s early Feb and I’ve not been dumped yet, so I we’re pretty safe my assumption is correct). A few days meeting more of the extended family, followed y a few days down to Takamatua (in Akaroa) to farewell the year, and welcome in 2016, with the SOs oldest acquaintances. This was such a hoot. Really had a great time! Excluding however, a near death experience of driving down to Hickory Bay. New Years day, after little sleep (and apparently almost a bottle of After Shock the previous night), on the scariest cliff edged gravel road ever, that, that i’d probably rule out from the list of ‘fun things that occurred’.

2015 was a great year, every year has it’s down’s, sure. But the fact i’m rarely without a smile on my face, confirms that i’m having good years. It ended on such a high, which welcomed 2016 in to my life with high hopes. Never say never people, good things await.

I’ll be back soon. Sooner than 6 months. I really don’t think that acting job is gunna come of anything… Toodle pip! xxx

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