Sydney, Australia.

Spent two years of my life (over various trips) in New Zealand, and never been to Australia. Everyone asks what Australia is like, I dunno, I live in New Zealand, duh. “You’ve NEVER been to Aus?”, “Nope, NZ, whoooole different country.” Not sure how many times that (brief) conversation has gone down. But, but my little readers, that, in December 2015, that changed.

With one of my college friends living in Sydney, my old landlady visiting her son for the festive period, and an ex NZ colleague living in the city all at the same time, why not visit, three birds/one stone. Or rather, three friends/one (return) flight.

I’d booked the flights back in April, and the countdown went pretty quickly. Altho, time does really only flow at one pace, but to me, it felt pretty quickly. Getting set to jet off to the airport before sunrise, which by the by was much easier than getting up for work, throwing my satchel in that cab, I was off on my ‘OLIDAYS! Toot toot!

I’m a big fan of flying, it’s the one place you can really be away from anything; distractions, social network reception, work and chores. So the next three hours were pretty sweet. I flicked on V for Vendetta, reached for my coffee, juice and water, and chilled out.

Setting down in this new (to me, I mean, it’s not new new, I didn’t discover it) country, I was happy with the temperature and the ease of the bus service and set off on my 40minute trip to my chums pad. $3.40 for the bus, winning!

First chum, Nic. Nic resides in Randwick. A fab little ‘burb just up from Coogee beach. Which we headed to immediately. A spot of lunch and a nice few hours on the beach catching some rays and catching up on some yarn.

Huskisson was instore for us as a little road trip. Which by the way, i’d recommend. En route we visited Nan Tian Temple in Wollongong. Daaaaang, did I feel chilled. This place was just filling the air with pure nothingness. Like, seriously, was just beyond calming and I felt so relaxed. That could also have something to do with the fact it was so hot there and we were low on water. But yeah, nah, visit this place people, it’s a gud’un.

Hyams Beach was another hot spot on our mini break adventure. Dolphins swimming past whilst enjoying your morning coffee, not really something to frown at aye.

Milton – quaint as.

Mogo Zoo – GO!

Jervis Bay – national park with a number of sweet as little (unpopulated) beaches. I felt like I was ACTUALLY on my ‘olidays, awesome!

After a few days chillax relaxin up to no good, we headed back to the city and got set for a beautiful night getting our groove on to Rudimental and Ed Sheeran. Now, Rudimental did not perform the lengthiest set, however, whilst they were burning up the stage, the weather was burning up the sky. The weather was incredible. Then, something craycray happened…no less than 30 minutes later, the clear blue sky turned black, the heavens opened and the rumbles of thunder along with bolts of lightening, were there to stay for the next 4 hours. Needless to say, we.were.drenched. Sodden. Absoruddylutely dripping from every millimetre of skin. This did not taint the performance tho. Ed Sheeran is one talented young chap, blew my mind. Which totally blew, not when the lightening got worringly loud and close, but when Ed brought out a special guest on stage. I admit, I got overly excited when I wrong assumed it was going to be Taylor Swift.  My frown immediately flipped back upwards to a smile when I realised Ed socialises with a gentleman that goes by the name of ELTON JOHN. YAS! Elton John!! A great way to end my time with Nic. Such fun.

Next pal on the Catch Up Agenda – Bridget. Yah! I’ve not seen Bridget since I left the UK back in 2014. This was a very exciting reunion. We initially hung out on Bondi Beach for a few hours, catching some rays, getting sand in a few places and having many a giggle! This happened the following day too. Then again on the third. However, we ventured a wee bit further and went across to Manly for a few hours. I really liked it over in Manly. Obviously smaller than Bondi, but just a wee bit more manageable. We had our farewell dinner that night, along with Bridget’s son and two of their friends. A quick hug and ‘see ya’ in the back of the taxi and that was it, but hopefully not for another two years. As much as we didn’t gallop across the sand, it was such a joy catching up with these delights again. To reiterate – such fun!

Tombolo. The most recent of this trio that has been lucky enough to come in to my fun land of a world. After leaving NZ in August, it was 16 weeks since i’d last set eyes on his mug, and man, it was so much fun! Verbally abusing each other within minutes, it was just like ol’ times.

One of the things Tom and I discovered together whilst living in Auckland, was the love of UFC. So it only seemed right that we watch the Aldo v McGregor fight when once again in the same city. What better place to watch it, only the Sydney Casino

I got to the casino around 1.30pm, and well, what.a.sight. It was absolutely rammo’d. With no cell service, no wifi and no clue as to where I was going to find Tom, my only option was to queue at the bar for a wee little cider. Twenty minutes later when I was next for service, who should just rock up next to me, that’s right, with his perfect timing as always, it was Tom! I ordered us two bevvies each, and we found a seat in the shade outside, and supped away whilst nattering and waiting the 4 hours for the fight. Both of us were wrong as to what time it started, needless to say, those bar staff earned their wages that afternoon.

I’ve never been a fan of the alarm clock noise, and was even less thrilled when it woke me at 6.30am on the Monday, informing me that I had to get up and get my backside to the airport to fly back to Auckland. My time in Sydney, was done diddly done done. I had had such an awesome time, it really was a great trip. Sydney though, would I want to live there, as so many people had informed me that I would, hmm, not so much. Admittedly, I didn’t involve myself in a lot of ‘site-seeing’, it was 100% a trip to catch up with my friends. So sure, maybe I did miss out on a great deal of what it has to offer, but in summary, from my time spent there, I had an awesome time and loved every second of catching up with my pals and getting a few new freckles. However, based on that time there, I wouldn’t move there. Another trip is definitely going to occur though!

Until next time my Aussie lovers, tchus! xxx


*All kodaks snapped with iPhone 5. Couldn’t be bothered with my Nikon on this social journey.

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