Mayzen Melbourne – May 2016

I have a selection of board games up for grabs if you’re the first person to tell me when I last posted an actual real travel post.* I say this, because, well, looking at the name of my blog, it’s kinda stating that it’s a blog to record my adventures experienced whilst travelling. More so around NZ or the world, not just around my brain and my life aye.

For those readers that have read enough about the cracks and crevices in my limp brain, here’s a wee post on a trip I did take, via aircraft, to Melbourne, Australia.

Last year I had the wonderful joy of meeting a dear soul, whom we’ll call Emma (mainly because that’s her name). Emma was placed on a temporary assignment at my employment location, and was seated within our team, a treat for us all lemme tell you. Emma however was a Melbourne chick, her chap, a fellow pommie. A week before Christmas this delightful pair left these shores and headed back to Melbz to start up a new life together. Time came to bid farewell.

Roll on a few months (damn, it’s already gunna be June next week!! WTF) and my wonderful squirrel Deb and I, booked a flight to go visit the two aforementioned delights.

Thursday 12 May, 2.30pm, my Out of Office was ON! Deb and I threw our satchels over our shoulder, nipped to the nearest Public House, skulled a cider (I couldn’t finish it, been a while since i’d been on the piss) and hopped on the AirBus to get ourselves checked in, and at that bar! Two pretty tasty sarnies, and two – not filled nearly enough – glasses of red wine and we were watching that Departure Board, and then off, offskies we were to Melbourne! Toot toot!

4 of us

We arrived at 8:40pm, and our chums greeted us with hugs and smiles, and took us to what felt like actual Italy for dinner. The fact the city has different pockets of culture was awesome. It wasn’t just a street with various Italian restaurants on, no no, it was a whole neighbourhood, pretty much an entire suburb. So genuine – loved it!

With eight heavy eyelids, we grabbed a sweet treat and headed home to grab some shut eye…

Our hosts headed off to work on Friday, whilst Deb and I had a pretty late lay in. Up we finally got for some “breakfast lunch” (in a fab cafe next door to our abode, ‘Roy’s on Melville), and then on to the tram we did skip, and headed in to the city. Firstly, yes, a tram. An actual tram. Man, this was so cute/fun. A great way to travel, no traffic, no chance of someone playing ‘corners’ and really just chilled. The route took us through some great routes and honestly, after less than 24 hours in this city, I knew already, I was gunna love it 100 times more than Sydney. Melbourne really feels like a city, it has everything, it’s a city. It has that feel. I think I even said on a number of occasions that it reminded me of a mini-New York. Seriously, with all the different buildings, different cultures and fashions. Such fun! We pootled around a wee bit, stopped for a wine or two, then I had to switch to the Ginger Ales (i’ve gladly started to lose my drinking abilities), and a wee wander we did take. Headed over to Hosier Lane to check out the world famous graffiti. Then more food. Always.

We had to double take when we saw some lass walk past us with a H&M carrier bag. That was it, we were off to find some decent shops to make some purchases. Sorry NZ, you really don’t nail that subject. Firstly, H&M, the building you’re in, stunning!! Such a fab building, and then you walk in, and it’s like oooooooooooo. So. Much. Choice. And great prices too! Sadly, after trying on the many many items we’d picked up, we’d realised that their sizes were all wrong. Yes, THEY’RE WRONG!! It has nothing to do with the fact I mentioned my eating habits and sugar addiction in my previous post. Needless to say, I left with the only thing that fitted me: socks.

We needed to cheer ourselves up, so we went to this really cool bar (it was now dark by the way) called Madame Brussels. A rooftop bar. Secret bar on a rooftop. Here we enjoyed some tasty as cocktails! This place is so cool. It’s like a dated tennis club, faux grass on the ground, white iron lawn furniture, bar staff in tinsy tiny retro tennis outfits, and a view, a view of the city. If you’re ever in Melbs, let me know, and i’ll give you directions to this cute as bar, it’s too quaint to be missed!

Next, off to the Black Cat on the very VERY cool Brunswick Street, to meet our chums. This bar reminded me of home. It was just a cool as bar. Funky, quirky, cool. I opted for a lemonade, but the bevvies my pals were chugging back looked well nice. But dinner, dinner called. So over the road to a fantastic eatery, Rice Queen. DANG! This food was soooo good. Asian-fusion food, that all tastes ruddy devine. The atmosphere is incredible, and even with the low lighting, the colours and things jumping out at you is just fantastic. Again, ever in Melbourne, check it out – too tasty to miss.

Home we headed, and I hit the hay.

Saturday: another delicious brunch out in Richmond, followed by a beautiful much needed leg stretch around the Shrine of Remembrance, and the gardens. The weather was incredible, the scenery the same, and the smiles remained on our faces. Such a beautiful day.

More food to follow, we went to a lovely lovely dumpling bar out in Market Lane, ruddy delicious. Then once again, me off the drink, I headed home to rest my head.


These early nights are not too lame by the way, oh no, because today, today being Sunday, we were maxing it out with S*A*S*H. Yip, to get mashed up we were. By this I mean to enjoy stupidly spending a shed load of money on more than necessary beverages.

I remember everything about this night, don’t get me wrong, it was a fun evening. We laughed, we danced, we danced some more and we laughed a lot. Great mates, great times.

Monday had soon arrived, and this was Reality Day. A flight was to be boarded by us today, as we had to get back home to Auckland and back to work on the Tuesday morning, altogether now, sigh…

Emma, Deb and myself spent the day just chatting, chilling, napping and eating before we headed off. This was so nice, we were all a little tired, correct, but to hang out with my chums was just perfect. Love these gals. Thanks for having us Melbourne, you really did make me wanna come back, you’re too much of a fantabulous to city to avoid xxx
*I didn’t say they were up for grabs for FREE. So send me $100 and i’ll send you a pack of playing cards.

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