Site skiing. Snow joke.

Shut the front door! Yip, you’re right, I’m actually blogging about an ACTUAL travel trip. Yip, KodakKirky filled a satchel, hopped on board a flight and headed away for nine days. HELLO!

Whilst most of chums back on home turf are sending me Snapchats of their Summer Holidays, or sitting in pub gardens enjoying a Pimms in the sunshine, I popped on my pom pom hat, scarf, thermal, tee, over shirt, jumper AND coat, and headed South. South to the South Island, Queenstown mainly. Here’s how it went down… Oh, and I’m not actually a fan of Pimms, but the sunshine, yeah, quite partial.

With a pick up at 8.40am, we were en route to the airport and excited we were. I say excited, the three of us (my boyfriend, his buddy and myself) just sat in the boarding area taking advantage of the free measly Wi-Fi and updated ourselves on Stuff, Instagram and whatever else, I don’t know, I wasn’t peering over their shoulders now was I… Then, the sweet sweet sound of the tannoy, informing us that were able to board our flight. Thank you Air New Zealand, off we trot!

Now, I’m not going to tell porky pies here, it was fresh, yes. We had left a 16 degree humid as Auckland, and arrived to a 7 degree CLEAN AIR Queenstown. Damn, that clean air aye, just can’t get enough of the stuff. Laters humidity! For now. The scenery was beautiful as, as expected, the sunshine was crisp, and off we set to our pals bach and first find – an open fire. Happy days, literally, all ablaze. That however, was to wait, first up, the AirNZ in-flight snack didn’t quite cut it as breakfast, brunch or lunch, so now with a larger group of us all gathered up, off to lunch we did head. Two words: Devil Burger. If you’re ever in NZ, stop by, you’ll enjoy. I mean, for one, cheesy chips with curry sauce. Oh yeaaaah. Yes yes okay I know, QT is ‘famous’ for Ferg Burger, but on this trip, DB pipped them to the post. Even the famous queues weren’t existing at Ferg at any point during our stay, could it be, could Ferb be losing it’s touch?! Saying that, I had two Fergs during my trip. One didn’t have me winning, too much plum sauce, but the basic Ferg Burg w/cheese, yeah, satisfied me one evening. Whilst we’re on the subject of Ferg, their bakery, now, that for me was where it was happening: venison and mushroom pie. Devoured. Thank you please. Cookie Time: Almond and honey ice-cream in a sandwich of white chocolate and macadamia cookies, also devoured.

Skiing. I came to Queenstown to ski, not to eat. Although, gravity would be a great help in allowing my gunt to get down the slopes aye. I checked in at Coronet Ski Field, purchased my ‘My name’s Samantha and I’m an absolute beginner / virgin on the snow’ day pass, stomped in to some hard as gear, and lessons ahoy! Well, I well and truly loved it!! And, a whole day on the snow, I fell over twice. Not one to show off, but oh-la-la, check me out. Did twist my knee tho when some ruddy Asian took me out. Scamp. Oh, and a wee child used my ‘bubby personality’ backside to face plant when he failed to stop. Oh how cute. Ahem.

Food, check. Skiing, check. Being English: discussing the weather, check.

Arrowtown – well, that’s a gem of a place ain’t it just. We just headed here for an hour and a bit really, a spot of brunch (more food) and nipped in to the Remarkable Sweet shop, as you do, in South NZ, to pick up some English goodies. Really beautiful place though, wish we’d got to have a bit more time here, but hey ho, next time.

Wanaka – Now, when I first visited Wanaka 11 years ago, I fell in love with the place. It’s truly beautiful. Has all the beauty of Queenstown, and then some!, but way way less people. It’s just stunning. A really beautiful picturesque place. Again, just a stop for a small morning tea, before two of our friends headed back off up North, and then off we went. But this time, not straight back to QT, oh no sir-ee, we headed to Mt Iron. Just a wee walking track, to see some sights, stretch our legs and sweat out a smidge of the anxiety (that I’m sure i’ll bravely blog about again soon). It was stunning. Really keen to do more hikes/walks/general outdoorsy type things. Always make the time when on holibobs tho aye, which is good.

With the walk to Mt Iron, and the dicey drive over the Crown Range, we wanted some more views from a great height, so took a wee touristy trip up to the Skyline Gondola – recommended, stunning views. Although we couldn’t Luge to snow on the tracks, I did manage to make myself a friend up there…

Dunedin – Next stop, via Gore, was Dunedin. Heading further South to visit one of my boyfriends oldest friends (he’s not like 104 or anything, they’ve just known each other for a large period of their lives). I have to say, we didn’t do a great deal whilst in Dunedin, but what we did do, and what I saw, I really loved it! It reminded me a lot of ‘home’. The narrower roads, the buildings, the HISTORY! NZ is like 10 years old, in comparison of England, so lacks in that in some places. It was just great, loved it.

Back to QT for a night, and took a week trip on the water on the historic Earnslaw. We were the only three not with a selfie stick. Fact.

Then, it was time, our nine days were up. It was time to board that plane….tick tock tick tock, one hour delay ticks by…it was finally time to board that plane, and head home, back to Auckland.

Mainland – thanks for having us! Now, back to work xxx


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