Just loading the starting gun…

Yes I’m a big fan of the Olympics. Is that what has spurred me on to attempt to get fit/healthy/somewhat presentable? No, the fact that Summer bodies are made in Winter, AND I keep glimpsing old photo’s and wishing I was as fat as I was back then, when I thought I was fat.

This week has involved two dinners at lovely restaurants, with ANOTHER one lined up this evening. Hello comfy pants, which, i’ll get to where unlimited for the next week, as I’m having all my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. YES! Am I the only person to be excited about undergoing surgery for dental reasons? Especially when they are not even giving me any jip. Maybe. The reason behind my excitement: tis a combo of time out of my dreadful office, and the fact that I’m hoping i’ll be in so much pain that I won’t be able to eat. Ta ta waistline! Pipedreams, I know.

I may have been going to the gym in the mornings for the last few weeks now (excluding the time I was eating many a burger in Queenstown), or climbing up Mt Eden to help stretch the slowing waking legs, then running back home, but with everything else that’s going on, I feel that it’s maybe not enough. I am buzzing when I leave the gym class in the morning, and I can abuse the flexi-time options we have available at work, to get in around 9.30-10am. It’s making my mind feel better, that’s for sure, but, as much as I’m never going to be a twig, I’m not happy with no change. However, what if the change wasn’t for me? Why don’t I use my once again discovered eagerness of exercising, for someone else’s benefit?

Exactly that I shall do. I’ve just signed up for Steptember. I used to be an owner of a wonderful FitBit, but found it too chunky to wear in the Summer months, I am a tan chaser after all, so the free pedometer included when I signed up was a wee bonus. The aim is to walk 10,000 steps a day, from September 1 to September 28, log the steps, even work as a team (two of my wonderful friends are jumping on my team to help us all get motivated!), and also raise money in way of donations for those suffering with cerebral palsy.

Step up to the challenge! Children and adults living with cerebral palsy take on physical challenges every single day. Join teams from around the world and challenge yourself to take 10,000 steps for 28 days and raise vital funds for people living with cerebral palsy – a condition that affects movement…

If you do feel like supporting this great cause, and supporting my gal pals and I for our efforts, please do. Anything you can provide will be for sure, appreciated! Click here to show your support!

Not only have I signed up for this, but back when I first arrived in the Southern Hem, I was participating in a lot of runs. Whether this be just in the mornings, or during my weekends, I was out there enjoying a real small pinch of the fantastic views this country has to offer, whilst the birds were waking and chirping at me on my trot round the water fronts and parks. I was also finding myself quite often, registering for actual races. So, to get me back in to the focus, I’ve signed up for the Skechers 12k. This was the first race I took part in when I arrived here. Although, back then, two years ago, that was a 6k. With even more weight on my back, thighs, chin, gunt…and less fitness efforts, why not attempt the 12k this time. Just for shitz and gigz aye. Ah well, still be fun though I am darn sure.

Come October, when I’ve (hopefully!) had my Residency Visa approved, I’ve found a whole bunch of things I want to participate in during 2017 too. I’ll never be a ‘runner’, in the sense of those people that just love it and can run 15k just for fun on a Sunday morning. Or rather, one of those people that can run ‘well’, but by eck, i’ll still give it a whirl and be proud of myself for doing so.

run meme

Today i’ll just get my stomach ready for dinner, and then a few days of gum rest and fasting. Then, once fuel starts entering my stomach again, step step and step ahoy!

Don’t get too close when you wish me luck, even during today’s beautiful Winter’s day, I’ve a moist face just walking to work. Ta ta for now cherubs xxx

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