My 2016 calendar/watch/…mind is clearly broken

I feel like I’ve been here before. Three months. Three months? How the flippin Nora has it been three months since my last blog post!

Don’t answer that, as as I’ve said, we’ve been here before. Moving on…

What have I been up to the last three months then aye. Hmm, well, i’ll tell you what I haven’t been up to, and that’s trekking. I’ve been on zero trips. OH! Hang on, a weekend in Christchurch did take place, at the beginning of September. Yip, think that’s it.

Anyone else think this blog is a joke? I’m sorry, but I do have a trip coming up in the next three months, so there’s something. At least. I’ll be off to the old United States of America for a little over two weeks. Sounds exciting already doesn’t it. Well, even more so when I tell you i’ll be spending my 21st birthday with the Disney crew. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!

Enough of that talk, we’ll save that for the actual adventure aye.

What else has been occurring then, where else have my feet been taking me. I did go and get my NZ Residency Visa all approved. I’m now officially a kiwi Resident. That’s pretty dandy isn’t it just. I’m stoked in all honesty. Felt like a long time coming, but I achieved it, and all by myself too. It won’t be going on the fridge though, it has to stay safe and sound in my passport.

Something that feels like more of an achievement, I left my job. *Giant sigh of relief* That hole no longer employees me. Man I hated it, like really hated it. Sick days, sleepless nights, tears, rants, and that was just the small things. I’m finally free, FINALLY! I got myself a new job, pretty nifty one too. When I say nifty, I’m referring to the people. I enjoyed my previous role, I just despised the staff. Here, the people are awesome. Like, genuinely human people. I won’t elaborate, as I’m sure working with non-devils is what most of you are lucky enough to face each day, but it’s been a while for me, so just note that I’m now with a smile on my dial during the hours of 8am – 4pm.

Anything else to report… We’ve established no trips or travels, but I’ve had a few life journeys: the visa, the job, and also, a big thing for me, I’ve started swimming lessons. Yip, I know, how is a 2 year old writing such a neat blog, no no no, I’m a late bloomer in the pool department. I was somewhat nervous during the build up to my first lesson, but from the second I dipped my toe in the water, I was happy. Have completed 50% of my lessons now, and very happy with taking the dive. I’ve also had tennis lessons, taken up boxing, and a new fave of mine: pilates. It’s mega fun! Probably the only exercise that doesn’t cause me ANY pain, (got me a sodding ongoing ancient back injury you see).

Wisdom teeth were all removed (ignore all stories, it was a breeze!). That was a treat I opted for, to get some leave from work mainly. This week, I’ve had a wee bit of minor surgery, very tinsy, just to get a biopsy on a little strange lurker in my leg. Yet I’m still here, plodding along through the days.

A few other trials and tribulations been going on, but i’ll stop sharing that with you, that’s my down and outs of life, not yours. All I will say is, I haven’t really been in touch with many people: friends and family, I really have shut myself away of late, I’m not sure if it’s helped or hindered, but it’s what happened, so that’s that. I did not/do not open Facebook for weeks at a time, and my Whatsapp, emails, messages, all went unanswered. Oops, sorry for that folks. Bear with me. FULL STOP. I’m writing this post now, mainly for you nosey parkers *GRIN*

December has arrived, and Christmas is just around the corner. That my dear readers, that bang, that was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. I too cannae believe it’s the festive period, ALREADY! Am I prepped for it, nope. Am I looking forward to it, yip. Do I wish it was a few more months away and I could plan a lot better, FO SHO! What someone did advise me however, which I’ve taken on board as to be very wise, is Christmas is a time that I know I really very much enjoy, and so why not use it as a time to draw a line under what’s been going on, the entirety of 2016 in my case, and use it as a celebration to fill my body and mind with joy, and carry that through to the future. Failing that, use it as a time to enjoy a tipple or two and forget about all my problems by face planting, and inhaling, an entire tin of Quality Streets!

I just checked the last three months of my calendar to make sure I hadn’t missed out on any titbits for you, and nope, I haven’t. This hermit is done for today’s post. So, until next time my delightful peepers, I’m out.

I won’t be gone long, i’ll try and be back soon…Toodle Pip! xxx


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