Count me in *taps drumsticks*

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Be patient there my dear readers, I am back, and I’m fresh and new, but no doubt, I’m still gunna blah blah blah all up in your face.

2017 was the year I wanted to turn it around aye, the year I wanted to shake off the negativity and ailments, along with just general hurumpfness. Not only can I not believe it’s almost April, but also, I’ve been so close to the feeling of fantasticalness a number of times.

Let’s delve deeper in to the why of how I achieved that feeling…

New Year was fantastic. A great trip away to Gisborne, with a great bunch of people, good weather, good games, rotten hayfever, but generally a fantastic road trip for a few days. It really made the short time I had off of work worth it.

Then it was February, and time for another trip. This time, a wee bit further afield. My partner and I headed off to the good ol’ United States of Americaaaaaa, F**k yeah! We’ve been back three weeks, and already, no word of a lie, feels like a lot longer. But to rekindle that holiday joy, i’ll explain to you what we got up to.

Flying in to Los Angeles and heading straight to Disneyland (we had no cares to check out the sites of LA) to get unpacked, rested and ready for my birthday the very next day. Take my advice, if you can ever spend a birthday at Disneyland, DO IT! It’s great fun. In fact, any day you get to go there, go. We spent 3 nights there and had the best time. Total fun, and a smile never left our faces.

From here we got the overnight bus to Las Vegas. Yeah we did! But no, we didn’t get wed. Nope. Vegas is fun. It’s something I feel that you should see. To walk around and see all the sites you are used to seeing on the movies / television, it’s great fun. A lively city. However, a smokey city. The smoke was unbelievable. You can smoke everywhere, and damn it was harsh. I’m an ex smoker (fist pump), and no doubt in my mind, that’s confirmed, I will never again be a smoker. Rotten. But Vegas, yip. Good fun. We done it all: wined, dined, went to a show, gambled, lost money, shopped and the highlight, hired a car and drove out to The Hoover Dam and on to The Grand Canyon. Well worth it. Really breathtaking experience.

It was time to leave the warmer climate behind once again, and off we flew to Spokane. Where the snow was just sooooo soft. I’ve never seen snow like it. It was so beautiful. The highlight during this part of the trip was the time out at a shooting range. Word of advice, don’t ever feel you can get narky with me, turns out, I’m a pretty great shot with a weapon!

Before we got permanently snowed in, we hired a car and took the short drive across to Seattle. We probably should’ve done a wee bit more research to understand this was one of the wettest cities in the world. It rained. A lot. It was also cold. So here we pretty much relaxed, and once again, shopped. To be honest, it was nice to just spend a few days chilling, catching a movie, walking around and chillaxing relaxing to zero schedule, before heading back to LA to fly back to the humidity of Auckland. Where, upon our arrival, it was raining. Thank heavens we’d both purchased a new rain coat in Seattle!

I really wish it was only last week we had returned, but nope, 3 weeks ago now, and what’s happened in that time. It’s never ending…

We moved in to our own place!!! We officially moved in before our trip to America, but with just a few days to reside there before heading off, we were just living out of bags and eating our dinner on the floor. On a plate mind, we weren’t that slack. So we are thrilled that over the last few weeks we have built a number of flat packs, had our sofa delivered and my personal favourite, got to use the washing line a number of times. It’s so nice having our own space, and in a really spot on location.  I am no longer close enough to my office (given we live at the beach, and I work in the CBD) to be able to walk to work, but the bus journey is gorgeous. I travel all along the water front, on a very chilled out route, so hello bonus ‘Me Time’.

Oh, and the job is going well. So much so that just five months in, I received a promotion!! I’m officially the Team Leader within my team now, YAH! It’s a 6-month secondment, but with my Leadership Course beginning next week, I’m pretty stoked with the opportunity I’ve been given, and pleased things are looking up in the work place. Quite the opposite of the previous two years employment aye.

Now me, how am I doing? Well… I’ve had more good days than bad days, that’s totally true. However, right now we’re (me and the 100 voices in my head) in a slump again. Yip, funny that, what with me writing a post and all aye. But yeah, my back is in agony and I’ve really lost a lot of mobility. It is upsetting me so much due to the fact that I’m restricted on being able to participate in many things. I mean, even getting dressed in the morning, or heading to the bathroom leaves me shaky and frowny. Sure, I’m not a teenager anymore, but I’m also not collecting my pension just yet. To not be able to participate in sports, adventures, exercise, or even just generally relaxing at home, it’s really got to me. In talks with the doctor, the waiting game continues. It’s hard to deal with at the end of the day. I’ve started seeing a Naturopath (thanks to my PT recommendation) and she has given me my revised plan to help try some new things (including herbs and supplements, wellness and life changes) that I am keen to try, as something, something has to work eventually.

I’m also starting to take care of myself generally a lot better. The purse strings are getting loosened for beauty products, treatments, clothes (I surprised myself with some purchases lately, when the ‘smaller’ size actually fitted me. BOOM!), stationery… It’s the little things (that add up).

I was sure I couldn’t shed anymore tears over life, but turns out I can. With my back as it is, and the constant pain, along with working out so hard, eating well, and still being a chubster wubster, feeling as lonely as I do with little or no support, it’s all got to the point in the last week, where it’s taken it’s toll again. Throw in an attendance at the Adele gig, and wow, there’ve been tears. Sidenote: Adele was epic!!! She sounded totes amaze and is just generally hilarious. Loved the visit from a fellow English-lass.

Anyway, every day is a new day, and tonight I’m catching up with two girlfriends and we’re heading off to see the Chicks at the Flicks viewing of Beauty and the Beast. I have to say, I’m looking forward to it. Some time with friends, priceless. This year has once again reminded me how important friends are, and how fickle some ‘friends’ really are. I’m a fan of snail mail, so keep in touch with my UK based pals often with a hand written letter, my pal in USA and I have a regular WhatsApp convo, as do my Aussie based chum and moi. Yet, the NZ based peeps, yeah, they have worn thin on the ground once again. Trying can only go on for so long, and those who are also willing to try and the ones that still get to see my smile occasionally. Or is that occasional smile?! Haha, either way, just understand, life is so short people, keep those that matter close and your gut instinct closer. And if in doubt, do some colouring in, it’s a great mindfulness tactic. Or my current fave pastime… browsing Instagram! Love me a kodak.

Take care cherubs,

Sambo xxx

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