Product Review: Beauty focus

Banking with ASB is not only stress and hassle free, but with my credit card, I also am the lucky holder of a True Rewards card. Now, because I swipe my credit card easily, and often, the funds on my True Rewards card top up quickly. I am however, very patient and wait until it reaches the $100 mark before I treat myself. It did take a bit of time to get to that landmark, I’m not that much of a frivolous spender…

So, my first big loyalty purchase saw me head to Farmers (where I’m able to spend my True Rewards) to purchase a combo of facial, hair and body products. Here’s how I found they treated the aforementioned areas of my body.

Sukin Cleansing Gel, for sensitive skin: Due to a crazy sugar intake this last week, along with low mood and (due to) severe body pain, my skin has been somewhat stressed of late and breakouts have occurred, way too many times for my liking. After just two days of using this product, both morning and evening, my skin already had more of a glow to it. A healthy glow. It suds up nicely when rubbing it on to damp hands first, then rubbing in to my face, you can see it breaking through the days make up, including stubborn mascara. It rinses off beautifully, leaving a healthy glow and a clean and fresh feeling. Sukin’s tag line of ‘Skincare that doesn’t cost the earth’ is perfectly fitting. Not only is the product free of all nasty chemicals, it will only ask your purse for RRP $14.99 (125ml).

HASK Keratin Protein Shampoo & Conditioner: The scent, oh my gaaawd the scent. Such a beautiful sniffage going on with these products. Living in a humid as city such as Auckland, the snippet on the back of this product advising me that humidity didn’t stand a chance, of course I snapped it up. After two or three washes, the condition of my hair has improved greatly. It’s back to being full of bounce and softness. Sadly the frizz around my hairline cannot be tamed, and the humidity wins that battle. But honestly, I find myself sitting and playing with my hair again, quite regularly, I thought those days ended when I left the UK. Their shamp and water offerings made my hair just perfff. Anyway, it’s a good purchase, I’ll be treating my barnet to these delights every other day just as they deserve. Just one more sniff of my hair, *ahhhhh*. Shampoo RRP $11.99 (335ml). Conditioner RRP $11.99 (355ml).

Natio 10 Minute Brightening Mask:

Why isn’t this edible god damn it! The scent is so refreshing, like seriously. With this on my face I felt awake, revitalised, and full of zest. Just from the smell!! I could have been totally satisfied with just this, but the mask also left my skin feeling clean and full of glow too. Not in a messy sweaty way mind you.

My personal preference of a face mask is for it to set and get that dry cracking texture on your skin. For me personally, I find this feels like it is working deep in to my dingy pores. This mask however, is creamy. It goes on like a cleanser and just simply sits on your skin. Careful not to wear it whilst washing up like I did either, the steam from the sink made it dribble down somewhat. RRP $25.50 (125ml).

Natio Wellness Body Scrub:

Ahhhh, with Soap & Glory not available in New Zealand, a long for a body scrub that can be just as good. I’ve not used one in a while, so I went out on a wim and picked up one that caught my eye whilst browsing the store. Natio was the product. With a very fine grain, that rubs in and exfoliates delicately, yet with the feeling that it’s actually doing something other than tickle your skin, it has a warming scent, not too over whelming, and rinses off beautifully. A little of this product goes a long way, which is a real bonus in a body scrub, as with thighs the size of mine, I’m gunna be needing a plenty. RRP $23.00 (450g)

Olive Rich Cleansing Milk:

As soon as this product is pumped onto the cotton wool pad, I feel like my bathroom was actually a spa. It just had that scent. Oh man, why does all this stuff just smell so darn good. I was surprised at the quantity that was released, more so than usual, but, the people at Olive know what they’re doing, as it was the perfect amount to get the last few traces of grime off my freshly washed face. It leaves my face feeling clean and throughly moisturised too. The cleanliness shone through, and I would have said, if it wasn’t for my age, I wouldn’t necessarily have needed to apply anything further, but, with the crows feet firmly cemented, I opted for my eye and face cream. I would say though, if you have a great youthful skin, this cleansing milk does the job off all of this in one clean sweep. RRP $16.99 (100ml).

Freebie time! Gift bag:

Now, c’mon, who doesn’t love a freebie. I know I sure love one, so this goodie bag of lil’ treats was a smile maker for sure. Ripping that zip open, I was greeted by the following Natio goodies: skin primer, tinted moisturiser, facial wipes and a trio eyeshadow.

Firstly, these facial wipes. HELLO!!! Now, in the UK, we are spoilt like an only child at christmas, with Superdrug, Boots, general luxury of an array of choices in the many supermarket chains, and beauty products, are not only affordable, but a bargain at that. NZ, yeah, not so much. Therefore, to receive FREE facial wipes, I was stoked. Even more so when I ripped back that easy-seal tag and motorboated one of these magical cloths. Not only do they remove all traces of makeup, they open up the pores and shower them with that beautiful scent that the mask offered and leave me feeling clean. Objective, achieved.

I’m not one for a primer. I have what I like to call, the shittin’ annoyance of being a god damn sweater, so my skin is always full of that ghastly sheen, so adding more moister to it, ain’t my bag. I did give it a whirl tho, as I said, who in their right mind would knock a freeb, on a no make up weekend day, and I was happy. As a light base under the tinted moisturiser, success gained.

Finally, the eyeshadow. I was surprisingly excited to see this perched in the bottom of the bag, but purely only because it was something I was planning on buying around the same time. Nice natural shade, easy daily use. Again, thanks Natio. You done good.

Stay gorgeous my lovelies xx




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