A beautiful form of wit

ROAD TRIIIIIIIIIP! Yip, sure has been a while, but a weekend was on the cards and so was a road trip. A 7.45am Saturday morning pick up: two smiles and two tired faces, four English lasses were en route to Whitianga for the weekend. Toot toot!

The aim of the weekend, to spa or not to spa. Well, TO spa. We spa’d. We also went to a farm. Such a combo. Here’s what happened…

It was the rarest Saturday morning drive across to the Coromandel. By this I simply mean, it was baffling to witness zero traffic. Beautiful blue sky, warm temperatures, beaming sunshine, and no traffic. Did I mention it’s Winter and NZ having like 2 roads in it’s entirety, this was barmy as. Don’t get me wrong, even though all four of us are English, we didn’t complain about any of this once.

After 30 minutes on the road, rumbly tums were at it already, so a stop off at the Golden Arches occurred. Then around 11.30ish, we arrived at our beautiful accommodation. It was a shame we weren’t scheduled to stay longer, as honestly, it was a top notch pad. The island in the kitchen had us all designing our own kitchens in our head. It was beautiful. Clean, bright, open and comfortable. If you’re heading to Whitianga, totally recommend this joint: Crowsnest Apartments, Whitianga. We threw our bags in, by the way, awesome staff, letting us in two and a half hours before official check in… then headed off for a swift half down the local bar.

After getting acquainted with the weekend a little more, two of us headed off to the Lost Spring. A nice day spa with natural hot pools, along with treatments and just in general a relaxing feel. Initially treating ourselves and booking in for the full day experience for $70, we headed off to the clean changing rooms and nipped in to our swimming attire, and swiftly heading off to Pool No. 2. We avoided Pool No.1 considering it wasn’t heated, and as I said, it was Winter. It was sooooo nice. With its cave, it’s heat pumps, it’s mixture of openness to the sun or seclusion under the beautiful trees, it was tres relaxing. My skin and insides were feeling pampered a plenty.

Pool No. 3 came after around 20 minutes, with a hitched up temperature. Slipping in to the warmer end, 42 degrees, and calling over the waiter (yip, that’s a real offering) to order two pina coladas, our pores started to open. With the coconut cream, heat and potentially the addition of the rum, we were getting a bit more than tepid, so headed back to Pool No. 2. Realising that an all day pass was maybe a bit ambitious, considering we’d only been an hour and already started to feel relaxed, we enquired at reception about reducing our booking to the 90-minute session, at $40. We were advised this wasn’t a problem at all, and that we had been given a bonus hour to use. The generosity confused us somewhat, so we went back to Pool No. 2 and enjoyed a strawberry daquiri to calm our nerves.

All in all, a splendid spa to visit, again, highly recommended. It wasn’t by any means busy, and the bonus hour (and cocktails) made us appreciate the place even more. We had a very zen walk back to the township (all of 10 minutes) and headed back to our accommodation for the night, via the bottle shop.

Four English gals, now all pretty tired, on a Saturday night, meant just one thing: fish & chips, wine, Britain’s Got Talent and some card games. I know I know, it’s clear as to why we are all attached aye, such great catches.

Sunday morning we awoke to more beautiful crisp clear skies, and a beautiful mist over the ocean. Breathtaking. Getting set for the day, putting many a bottle out to recycle, we checked out and went to enjoy an average brunch, and some morning beach photos.

After a quick stop to pick up some souvenirs for my significant other, we hopped in the car and headed off to a local farm. Whiti Farm Park is seriously adorable, and a must see for any age that is passing. A quaint little farm, more like a large petting zoo, on a generous someones land, we paid our $10 admission fee, nabbed a few bags of animal feed each and off round the tracks we went. All wearing a giant smile across our faces and a plan in our head of quitting our jobs and setting up something similar. Not sure it would really work in Auckland CBD, but pipedreams are healthy to have.

With everything from kittens, turtles, birds, pigs, alpacas, goats, horses, donkeys, deer and sheep, it was mayzen! Four grown up gals (quoting our birth certs, not our mentality) wearing giant smiles, it was very much a worth while visit.

With a few 30 minute drives in the wrong direction, we then headed on our long route home. A weekend of sunshine, making new friends and memories, spa chills, wine chills and animal cuteness, reality awaited. Thanks Whitianga, you fuelled us good.

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