Fit for a Queen…s Birthday.

After two weeks of bed rest, I was as keen as my 50 hour working week boyfriend to get away from it all. With the Queen having a birthday weekend, giving us a bonus play day, I suggested a night camping under the stars to escape real life. With it being the start of Winter, we would also have quite the pitching space. With the hire car parked up outside our abode on the Friday night, getting pelted with rain, we were excited to see how this mini trip would turn out. Well, here’s how…

Aided by the viewing of the America’s Cup, it was an early start to Day 1 of a 3-day weekend, and with the rain having done a good job overnight, the 8.30am departure to our ‘night under the stars’ location started with a breakfast stop. I needed that porridge to warm up me bones!

Our destination: Mangawhai Heads, less than 90 minutes drive northbound from Auckland CBD. En route, we didn’t welcome any rain, but we did see a LOT of flooded land, included some of the roads. We packed our big Winter blanket, but we were starting to think we probably should have packed our wet suit and wellies!

Needless to say, it was a pleasant surprise when we arrived at Mangawhai Heads Holiday Park  to see that some of that beautiful Southern Hemisphere blue sky was breaking through. Sure the ground was a wee bit moist, but we didn’t need no longboat to be kipping on for the night. It was time to pitch our tent.

Before lunch time, our temporary home was set up, including the snooze pit, and with the clouds becoming more and more sparse, it was time to grab the chips, grab a seat and grab our books. Chill time: commence. Chill time: extend. Chill time: enjoyed.

We went on to spend the afternoon checking out the waterfront, grabbing a milkshake, participating in a competitive game of Words with Friends, grabbing some dinner, then layering up and making sure no darn mosquitoes made their way in.

Waking at 7am to a beautiful frost, sunrise, and ultimately a clear blue sky, we were happy we hadn’t let the rain, or the fact we were now in Winter, put us off heading off to camp for a night. I had a fantastic nights sleep, and felt incredibly rested. It was a shame to head on home, but that we did.

Fighting back the urge to return to reality, we headed to the garden centre, yip that’s right, weem real life adults now, and after a nice home cooked dinner, to the movies we did go. All in all, we raised a tent peg to the Queen, and thank her for having a birthday weekend, so we could participate in such relaxational fun. Being out of season, we didn’t really see what Mangawhai could offer it’s visitors, but for us, it more than sufficed and we felt like a holiday was had. Until Labour Day, Public Holiday, thanken yow xxx

3 thoughts on “Fit for a Queen…s Birthday.

  1. So now as an ex-pat Brit living abroad in a country of the Commonwealth you get to enjoy an extra public holiday while we in the mother country do not. How is that fair? Plus Elizabeth Alexandra Mary actual birthday is in April!

    Great to see you having adventures once again and most importantly recording them to share!

    1. You’re mistaken with “extra public holiday”, we had to work the entirety of May with no bonus days. You lucky lot you.

      Thanks so much pal, really trying to keep on top of my travels and titbits. Appreciate the read.

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