Tea for two. Or in this case, three is the magic number.

Three English gals, all celebrating receiving their NZ Residency in the last 6 months or so, what better way to toast the occasion, than with tea. You can take the girls out of England…

Myself and two girlfriends, who a little over three years ago, were complete strangers to each other, having all arrived in New Zealand in April 2014, on a Working Holiday Visa knew pretty early on that an extension to our stay was going to happen. Fast Forward three years and we’re celebrating the next step in our adventure and holding residency for a second country. Thank you and pip pip, let’s all raise our Wedgwood and toast the status.

Located at the Langham Hotel, on the corner of Symonds Street and K’ Road, we walked in to be presented with thee most glam and picturesque chandelier, and the beautiful sounds of a harp being played.

Langham chandelier

Upon being shown to our table, we were each handed a copy of the menu, which not only contained a vast array of delicious teas available to us (two pots per person were included), coffee, soft drinks, champagne, but also information on the history of the High Tea available at the Langham, and how this came from the England tradition created 152 years ago.

With our initial tea selected, we were then presented with our 3 tiers of edible delights.

Starting from the bottom up, our savour tastes of heaven consisted of:

  • Celeriac mousse with a marinated tiger prawn
  • Roasted pumpkin and coconut soup with poppy seeds and chilli oil in a shot glass (never having had cold soup before, I was dubious, but this was utterly delicious)
  • Minced beef tart with home made piccalilli
  • Rosemary scone with elderflower pickled kohlrabi

Our second tier saw us presented with more savour goodness:

  • Milk roll with spicy egg mousse and coriander cress
  • Roasted red pepper hummus blended with couscous, dried apricot and get cheese
  • Beetroot brioche with tasty as smoked beef brisket, grain mustard creme fraiche and pickled radish
  • Topping all this off with a traditional ham and cheese sandwich

Before we started on our sweet and final tier, we were each given two fresh from the oven, scones: a plain scone, and an apple and cinnamon version, with fresh cream, strawberry jam and orange jam. Seriously, this was as close to as good as an English Cream Tea that I’ve had whilst being in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our final plate, which was a struggle to make room for, consisted of the following heavenly treats:

  • Short pastry, apple mouse, apple compote, almond crumble – not being a fan of apple crumble in full size, I was a fan of the pastry, but the apple, although sampled, wasn’t quite my bag
  • Chocolate gelee, moist chocolate cake, chocolate shortbread biscuit with sea salt, chocolate Chantilly cream – this was one of the final samples on my plate, and I just couldn’t make the room for it
  • Little pound cake with lemon zest
  • Poached pear, Chantilly cream, vanilla cream, sable cookies
  • Elderflower jelly with fruits – tasting as divine as an English trifle
  • Plum macaroon – I found this super sweet for my tastebuds, so was unable to divulge in three quarters
  • Chocolate brownie with caramel mousse – another one that I was unable to sample

We washed all this down with our second choosing of tea, and then, went on to enjoy a cocktail also (additional charges apply). When in a classy establishment such as this, it would be rude not too!

This was such a wonderful treat, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. For the Saturday price of $69 per person, and a table booking for two hours, I would say this was acceptable and I’d recommend it to all, whether you’re an experienced High Tea goer such as myself or not.

Not my greatest portfolio of Kodaks, but forgive me, I was too busy enjoy these scrumdiddlyumptious servings. Pip pip and tally ho good people! xxx


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