Weekend in CAPS LOCK. 

It’s all about the purchase of cheap flights. That’s the simple truth. A few months back good old Air New Zealand was having one of its many sales, and I snapped up some cheap as tickets to head down to Wellington for a weekend. That weekend felt like a long time coming, but it arrived nonetheless, and spliffing it was.

I’d had some good news that afternoon too. After being at my current place of employment for two months, I’d only gone and got myself a promotion and a pay rise, booyeah! So post work, dinner at MorePork BBQ had to be accompanied by a chilled glass of Apple Crumble Cider. Cheers then!

Sliding in to the Uber, my chap and I were airport bound. No alcoholic beverages, or Toblerones were purchased at said location, but I was too busy finally getting around to placing my nose into Cheryl Strayed’s book, Wild. As soon as my cheeks placed themselves in to that sky bound seat, I blitzed my way through the first 80 pages of this worthy read. Then, ta-da, raising my eyes, and ass cheeks, I saw Wellington before me. A smile did rise on our dials.

Heading to our pals abode, we done a bag drop and headed out to Dirty Little Secret for a beverage, an ear treat of some cheesy tunes and a reacquiantance with our weekend hosts.

I first came to Wellington 12 years ago, in 2005. I had a blast during my 6 months here, and not only made some great friends, achieved some A Grade life lessons, but also stored some cracking memories! When I returned to the Southern Hemisphere, for keeps this time, I was hoping a return to Welly was gunna be in the pipeline, but work woes did not allow this to happen. Sad I am not, the odd return now and then (although it is pretty darn shameful it’s been 2 years since I was last here) is just as enjoyable.

With our friends having endured some post work Friday night drinks, we left the bar and returned to the abode forsome story sharing time. Hitting the rocket to Planet Kipster around 2am. Accidentally tripling my back pain medication, I enjoyed quite the nights sleep!

Saturday saw us heading to brunch in Petone, to Comes and Goes. Shrooms on toast tend to always keep my belly happy and my smile in place. Following this with a trip to the English shop for a few little tasties from home, I was as happy as if I was having a Love Island marathon. We returned to the abode for a well earned weekend rest. I was pretty happy laying on an inflatable mattress ogling the blue sky I tell ya.

We shared some drinks at home with an extended party, and when they headed off to a farewell gathering, the boy and I headed to Two Grey for a spot of dinner. Followed by an earlier night, well me falling asleep in my book and he giggling away at Netflix.

Sunday was here, not seen as departure day, but as explore day. Correction: food and explore day.

After a wee drive around some of the boys University spots, we arrived at our brunch spot, The Bresolin, where I opted for a Full English, it’s been a while. Epic feast!

With the rain threatening we opted for a walk down to Te Papa to check out the Gallipoli Exhibition. Well bugger me, it was good!!! The detail on the gigantic displays was incredible, even down to the detail of the hair on the back of their hands. Blew ones mind I tell ee.

A quick coffee and a lemon meringue delight, it was time for bag pick up and a mad dash to our ‘now boarding’ aircraft.

It was over too soon, but every moment was enjoyable and worth every breath. Thanks for having us Welly, and even more so Jezza & Becca.

Farewell waves xxx

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