Summer bodies are made in Winter! (I’m working for Summer 2020).

I’m off on my island holidays in less than a week, and being fat and on the hideous side, I thought it wise to give my body a neat little kick, cleanse, and boot up the spongy back end.

It started around seven weeks ago, my significant other thought it clever to purchase some new bathroom scales and have a weigh in each Monday. Week 1, I was dancing happy all over the place, losing 2.1kgs in 7 days. Then I instantly plateaued. Maybe at this age now, this is me, not even really with a bubbly personality, just squishy and lumpy. Oh well. Heck, I may as well still try better to avoid snacks, sugar and general un-necessaries hadn’t I, probably be better for the other half to oggle.

I done well I think, on eating better, but what with all the meds I have been taking too, maybe a little detoxing cleanse was on the money in addition to this. I had a wee Google of Auckland offerings, and I voted on PHD Cleanse.

They delivered me 18 bottles of absolute scrumminess that I was to enjoy over a three-day period. Unfortunately I had the timing all wrong. We had the boyfs bro in town for dinner one night (so I opted for a roast vegetable salad at the local eatery. A smart choice, but not juice.), I also had a study leave day on day 3, on which day, I had also signed up to a membership at one of the local gyms. My brain and energy levels were at a pickle now, and by the Saturday, once aforementioned cleanse was complete, I was one ratty sensitive moose.

I opted for the Reset Me Cleanse which consists of six 500ml uices a day, starting from morning, through to bed time. Honestly, they are really all yum! None of them had me reaching for the bucket, and they all made me feel energised, and well, clean! If you’re looking for a juice option (and you’re based in NZ), i’d definately recommend the juicers at PHD, they provide great customer service, and great products. Other options available include juices with a salad for lunch and dinner, or even small juice bottles too. Something for all juice seekers really.

Albeit losing a couple of kgs, and feeling pretty darn clean on the inner, it wasn’t my finest hour. Saying that, I would repeat it, for sure. I think at least once or twice now before the Summer really kicks in/the festive period. It was bloody delicious, it sure as heck done what it said it would do, but I just need to not have visitors, important documents to write and/or to not take on something that was a shock to the system at the same time (exercise, that hadn’t been something my body had endured for a number of months).

A number of weeks on and it’s somewhat concerning that I can’t get below a certain weight figure, which without confirming, is 24kgs heavier than when I arrived in NZ. I am too’ing and fro’ing from losing 0-4kgs, but nothing more.

Logging all my food on My Fitness Pal has helped, I eat well really, luckily I’m a big vegetable fan, and now with the fitness membership back, and although starting off slowly, I’m enjoying the feeling my mind, as well as my body, gets from working up a sweat. As previous readers will know, I am suffering quite a few ailments of late, and my mobility is something that is non-existent, along with energy and physical able-ness. Therefore the use of the treadmill, stretch out areas, sauna and RPM classes are how I’m easing myself in, and preventing any further injury from occurring. I’m not here to take on exercise advice right now, thank you, I was a Personal Trainer in a former life so I get it, I just want to put out there that I am trying, and my body is accepting of what I’m slowly putting it through.

When I started this post, you’ll note I mentioned I was going on my holidays. It still doesn’t feel real as I’ve not really had much of a build up to it. Two months in to my not so new job, with a promotion and study opportunities to contend with, it’s been quite an occupied time of late. I’m not complaining, it’s just funny to enjoy the role so much, and not really realise that I’m missing out on a non-work life. Therefore, I’m sure some time alone with my Kindle on the beaches, some peaceful walks and getting to meet the locals at the markets of Rarotonga, will be most welcomed.

Thanks to your peepers for visiting. Stay clean xxx

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