Anniversary happy.

Four years ago today, like actually today, I skipped off the delightful plane and nervously made my way through the airport. Don’t go thinking I was nervous because I had drugs on my person, that wasn’t the case, and no, they weren’t in my luggage either, I was nervous because it was my last chance to use a legit visa to enter the country I knew I was wanting to be ‘home’ for the foreseeable.

Whilst some of my acquaintances may say “Wow, four years, where has the time gone?'”, to me it feels like four years, no more, no less. Sure I kind of think to myself what I may or may not have achieved in that duration, but what I ultimately know is I’ve made it. I’ve worked hard by myself and got my visa’s all by myself. In November of this year I will be given Permanent Residency, and that’s something i’ve achieved by myself, just by working my ass off. Oh, and filling out a bulk of paperwork for them important folk at Immigration.

I’ve had some fantastic times during the last four years, I’ve equally had some right ol’ shoddy times too. I’ve felt super happy, i’ve felt super lonely, and sometimes both in the same day. I’ve acquired what feels like 101 health issues, and i’ve had as many jobs as I have had houses. I’ve made and lost friends. I’ve traveled and i’ve stayed put. Basically i’ve done it all. Apart from sussing out what this really is all about. I’m at the stage where I feel a bit lost and like i’m just plodding along, whether that’s a boredom thing, a lonely thing or just an age thing, I dunno. However, I guess this is just life right? I’m a very independent being, i’m not too keen on accepting help, and i’m not a fan of being shat on either, so basically very few can win with me, *insert pause for lols*. I’ve always kept on trucking, so i’ll have a tyre change and continue through I know. But today, today I stop and raise a cup of tea to my four year anniversary, celebrational sips to me, yah! Thanks New Zealand, I appreciate the hospitality. Loves xxx


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