Out with the old, in with the New, Plymouth

I’m sure you’re aware the travel trips have subsided over the years, yeah, that’s adulting for you. You’ll also be aware, if I could, I’d be a full time travelling gypsy and jetting around non stop. Thanks to Air New Zealand a wee while back, I snapped up some super cheap flights down to a new destination for me, New Plymouth. I tapped on to AirBnB, booked me and the chappie a lil holiday abode, popped it in the calendar and waited for date to come round.

We started our Annual Leave Friday with me heading off to the gym, and my recently shoulder dislocated other half meeting the boys for a coffee. Shower, pack, and off to brunch we headed, before heading off to the airport, to board My Happy Place.

After a quick 50 minutes, we were touching back down on the tarmac. This time in a pretty darn wet, and windy, New Plymouth. Jumping in a taxi charging us a stinking $50 to get to our abode for the weekend, we had arrived.

Our accommodation was too cute. A nice little tucked away one bed unit with, to my partners excitement, Sky TV. We sat down for half an hour, so that he could flick through all the pointless channels at least twice, and then we headed out to check out what was on offer on our temporary surroundings, and a bite to eat.


With the rain continuing to keep us company, we pretty much just ventured the 15 minute distance from the unit and stayed under the shelter of the township. Cafe’s, hairdressers, antique shops, on and on for a number of blocks. It was good to stretch our legs, without getting trench foot. Brunch was pretty much burnt off now, so we headed over to Deluxe Diner to get ourselves a hearty dinner. And hearty it was. This was the first full on hefty meal I had had in some time, and the first meal in a longer time that I couldn’t finish. Cheeseburger, cheesy chips WITH gravy, and a LARGE caramel milkshake. Yes. It was flipping delicious, totally treated my tastebuds, but my gosh, it was 75% too big and 100% not the kind of grub my stomach is used to any more. However, we enjoyed it. Also, mind was blown with how good they were with the coeliac offerings. BOOM!


Next, it wouldn’t be an outing out of the house for us without going to the movies. It may have only got a 4.2 on IMDB, but Life of the Party was actually deserving of a back pat, with the giggles we endured. Eight o’clock, the rain still pouring, we heading back so the SkyTV could be researched some more and I could rest my eyelids.

After booking a table at a very flash Instagram worthy location for brunch, Monica’s Eatery, we headed out bright and early. However, when we got to the venue, the scamps handed me a shoddy menu that was NOTHING like the menu offerings on their website. I was told the menu was updated a few weeks ago. That didn’t answer my question, but it did fuel my bitterness. However, the rain was showing no signs of easing up and our beverages had been ordered, so bog standard eggs benedict was requested. With the service being as lame as the menu, we abused the use of a seat and remained there until the Govett Brewster Art Gallery next door opened. I wasn’t a fan of the steel decor outside, but the concrete appearance inside was something I took a shine too. Not the biggest art gallery, but we enjoyed our time there and learnt a thing or too about Len Lye and his artistic talent, and a love of vicious metal.

We ventured down to the famous Coastal Walk, but with the rain, we couldn’t see jack poop, besides the Wind Wand, so opted for continuing our walking under shelter for a good duration, followed by another refreshing beverage, some macaron’s, and would you Adam and Eve it (yes), we went back to the movies. Yeah we did. And this time, to see a much higher IMDB rated movie, and one that we had already seen… The Avengers. Avoiding the movie snack offerings so we could do what else we do best when on holiday, in a drizzly town, was head out to dinner. No need to elaborate, I had steak, and bugger me, it was good!

Heading back to watch the second half of what I understand was a mighty close game of rugby, we were in for the night. I do love being an adult at times.

Well, never has a day of the week been so inviting with it’s name: Sunday, and the sun was shining! With permission to hang out at the accommodation for the entire day, due to our 5.30pm flight, we had a slow start to the day, heading out for (more food!) brunch at 11am. Deluxe Diner was our chosen location again, with much better decisions made: a green protein smoothie and a chicken Waldorf salad. The time spent walking around Pukekura Park after this feed was much lighter and much less sluggish. What a beautiful park, with a pretty lake, plenty of ducks and even a wee feline following us around. It was a good way to enjoy some rays and a good leg stretch before getting our taxi mid-afternoon back to the airport.

The weather may have been not so exploring friendly, and we may not have even seen Mount Taranaki, but that’s given us the motivation to go back again, and head off to a different area for sure. Thanks for having us New Plymouth, we seriously had a great time spending the weekend together and just enjoying relax time…just what the doctor ordered! Safe travels xxx

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