Your vibe attracts your tribe, or did that tribe boost my vibe?

Over this last month, I’ve totally seen the good ol’ traits of Sambo breaking through and staying put, and it’s made me smile somewhat.

Did it take the resignation and offer of TWO jobs to give my vibe a growth spurt, or was it the new found tribe at work that boosted my vibes to make this happen… whichever way round it was, it’s win win.

During a recent post you will see that I resigned from my most recent role, and I was looking to be poor by taking on a part time position, but ultimately with the goal of investing in myself and my health. I have to say, once that resignation was confirmed and accepted, things really started to pick up for me during the working hours of the day. Sure I was still flat out, but I wasn’t being as flattened with work tasks, and I was really getting to know the genuine sides of my colleagues. I really started to see who the true dears were, and who was supportive in my decision, understood my decision, could even sadly relate to it, but wonderfully, who the good people were. I’m thrilled to say, there were a lot of them. However, as much as I really enjoy these gems and the sweet sweet messages penned in my farewell card, giving me the warm fuzzy feels, I knew I had still made the right decision to move on.

The positivity was cooking up inside me, and being boiled on many hobs around me, I felt lighter and just generally more hopeful. Making friends and good decisions in many areas. Still waiting for it to rub off on the significant other though and have him see the true goodness having a pet kitten could bring. Anyway, I digress… with the sub conscious confident that I had a back up plan of the financial income side, and the time slots to work on me, I was pretty darn psyched when what felt like out of nowhere, a vacancy appeared at the health club I attend. Reception Supervisor. I can handle a team of six, and I can whip them in to shape to follow the rules. I can have them seeing why the front desk needs to be the creme d’la creme of welcoming spaces, but all that aside, I’ve got my foot in the door of the health and fitness industry… uh, HELLO!!! Just being in this environment and around this industry has me skipping with excitement (I can log that as daily cardio right?!)!

I was offered this role by way of having to return a call from a voicemail which was left during my farewell Morning Tea, how perfect. I called back within moments of seeing the missed call, and ta-da, I had once again only ruddy nailed it. Pats on the back for Sambo, yes please and thank you very much.

Realising I had one hell of a busy day of getting through before being able to clock out one last time, and bidding my office-fam a sad farewell, letting down the original job acceptance had to wait until much later in the day, way in to the evening as it goes. Not a happy email to have typed, but honest is all I could be, assuring them I could explain all verbally the next day. They never did call…and as they only have my name, email and mobile number, I’m not worried the Auckland employment mobs will be knocking on my door anytime soon.

Anyway, I’m still yet to review my contract of this exciting new adventure, but as I’m just about to board a winged vehicle to head down to Wellington for the weekend, that can wait, I feel like it’s only gunna be good things in my vision for a good while now anyway, so that’s tomorrow’s task.

Stay positive and continue winning dear chums xx

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