Wellington, we thank you.

A minions handful of weeks ago, the boy and I jumped on to our bargain bonanza flights to Wellington, for a weekend of non-Auckland surroundings.

I was lucky enough to have had the Friday off work, having finished up at my previous job as Administration Manager the evening before. However my day was pretty darn jam packed with personal errands and general life admin, whilst the chap was having a day ‘hard at work’.

Late afternoon we sat in the typical Auckland Friday traffic losing a bit of time watching the break lights of many cars in front of us, deciding to skip stoping for a bite to eat by heading straight to the airport. Upon arriving there however, we were informed that our fight was delayed, so could’ve eaten there after all. Instead, we opted for a soft beverage at the terrible domestic terminal bar, and I opted for a wrap from Tank. This tummy was a rumbling.

Arrival in to the Windy City saw us jumping in to a shuttle and heading across to our accomodation for the next two nights. The very comfortable Travelodge. We had a very warm and quiet room, comfy bed, clean bathroom, but sadly for the other half, the tv was a bit small on the distant wall. Not that that stopped him from watching endless episodes of Gold Rush.

Saturday greeted us with beautiful blue skies and a very inviting sun, so we got set for a day of exploring. And eating.

First stop was brunch. It was a bit of a ghost town on this beautiful Saturday morning, so we had no trouble finding a table at Felix Cafe. The service was friendly, and the food was tasty. So much so we dived straight in, no Instagram moments here. Washing down a delicious plate of Mexican eggs with a long black and almond milk, and a carrot, orange and ginger juice, we were fuelled to hit the road. We basically just crossed the road and headed in to Te Papa.

Te Papa is such a cool museum. We spent a few hours in there just wandering around and really admiring the different exhibitions and views. We had come along last year and enjoyed the Gallipoli Exhibition, which is still showing and we highly recommend, so this year we spent more time around every other part of the museum offerings.

The most enjoyable piece for me was the Kaleidoscope collection. I just love colour, and this collection had so much of it!

We also got to see some very comical, and incredible artistic pieces by way of the Detour by Michael Parekowhai

Minds blown by all the awesome pieces, we walked out in to the sunshine to grab a coffee, share a slice, and read the newspaper and people watch. Taking some time to explore this funtastic city on foot we got to really take in the fabulous architecture, the colourful people, some warming rays and just the general feel that Wellington offers.

After a few hours of walking and looking, of course it was time to eat again (this explains as to why I now take advantage of the health club I work at aye!). This time, we went to one of the chaps faves from his uni days, and that was Fidel’s Cafe. I enjoyed a Cuban sandwich, and with many of my previous colleagues fighting germs for many weeks before my departure, and a new job to be started on the Monday, I opted for a warming hot toddy. It didn’t disappoint.

Walking back to our accomodation, I was treated to your average looking dairy which stocked THEE BEST array of pic ‘n’ mix known to man. Including MANY treats from the great land of England. Fantastic sugary perk to get us back just before the chilly sunset completed.

I appeared to have a sugar come down so even managed a wee nap. I skipped dinner and opted for a night wrapped up in the bed linen whilst Bradley went to catch up with some friends for the rugby. Returning back to the room with a Big Mac, romance ain’t dead in our relationship!

Sunday’s greeting was not as warm, blue sky filled or bright with sunshine. Quite the opposite. Grey and wet. Very very wet. We were therefore very thankful that we had put our feet in to action yesterday. A friend picked us up and off for brunch we did go. For the life of me, I can’t remember where we went now, which is a real shame as it was right ruddy tasty!

The only way to see the ‘burbs when it’s hammering down is by way of a car, thankfully, we had that. We checked out some great neighbourhoods with some eye popping new builds on, all out of our pockets reach that’s for sure.

Wellington; it’s such a great city and honestly, can’t recommend it enough. Thanks to Air New Zealand for getting us there and back safely, we’ll be flying again, for sure. Especially with taking advantage of the Grab A Seat sale yesterday, Brisbane can expect our arrival in January 2019!

Laterz chums xxx

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