Wonderful weekend wanders

Another weekend brought on another weekend out of the city that is home, Auckland.

Skipping out of work after a last minute fire drill, car pre loaded, we drove straight on to the already stalled motorway, and set off on our five and a half hour drive south. Sure, that’s a lengthy time, but that does include the aforementioned Auckland traffic, a trip to the supermarket, a dinner stop at McDonalds (oh well) and a stop at a stunning picturesque spot…all for a 45 minute nap. It had been a 5.30am wake up time that day, we needed some zzzz’s.

A little before sunset we arrive at our fun and perfect for the weekend spot; the boyf’s boss’ parents abode. Right on the darn lake. Winning! A chatter with our hosts, and a little playtime with their feline family member, Diesel, it was time to hit the hay… a weekend of catching up and eating was ahead.

We woke up with our puzzled of late body clock, got showered and dressed and first on the agenda for me was to go and say good morning to Diesel. Following that, we were treated to a morning hoon around the lake. I have to say, one of the best ways to start a day, is to get out on the lake. The sun was beaming, the week old ducklings were splashing, the lakeside Bach’s were renovating and the water was flat as… it was simply stunning.

Back on dry land, we hopped in the car and headed in to the centre of Rotorua to catch up with our pals. A drive to an underpass for a sightseeing tour of some dried mud and the underpass itself, continuing on the money saving train, we headed off to the Redwoods. Opting to walk around the side of a wedding and check out the bridal party failing on the unorganised plans, wand opt for walking on ground level rather than up in the trees themselves.

A walk around the Okere Falls, and a quick drink at The Store, it was time for a costume change, a coffee, and a stroll off to dinner.

Dinner was enjoyed at the nostalgic venue of Cobb & Co. It was an enjoyable night, of which it wasn’t stretched out just because the rain was coming down in buckets outside, but because it was so good to catch up with the friends. We had such a giggle covering a plethora of topics.

Sunday was much of the same; adventuring, catching up and relaxing. Another great day. Starting with a farewell to Diesel and our hosts, we picked up our pals and went off to enjoy a delicious brunch. I did warn you that a lot of food was consumed over this weekend. The rain returned so we toasted our morning tea’s and coffee’s and bid our chums a farewell. It may have only been 24 hours, but it was so good to catch up with them.

On the return drive back north, I managed two naps, and I’m not an experienced napper, which may be the cause of this darn pain the neck I’ve developed, hmm. So a stop at the beautiful Hamilton Gardens was needed to treat not only the peepers, but to stretch the legs and enjoy some fresh air, especially now that the sun was back around. This was my second trip to the stunning gardens, and it didn’t disappoint. Hamilton gets a bit of a bad rap, but I have to say, you need to check out these gardens, seriously easy on the eye.

Continuing on, with a quick side step to a Kiwi Build site to check out some new builds, we arrived at my auntie and uncles abode for dinner. It had been six months since we last caught up, so it really was such a treat to see them again. Once again covering a plethora of topics, and enjoying a great home cooked feast, it was so lovely to just hang out and catch up.

Continuing our drive home late in to the night, I realised that another fabulous weekend was had. I’m pretty darn lucky to have some great people in my life, and to live in such a beautiful place, to be honest, we’re all pretty lucky if we just let go and live in the moment. Peace out chums xxx

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