I am ‘all change’ more than a train platform announcer

Sitting here torn between feeling a mixture of “how the eck is it almost December ALREADY” and “hmm, and?”, gives me a slight bit of smirky calmness, in the sense that this time last year I was frazzled with a million and one issues playing on my mind. Yes I exaggerate, but yes, a million and one.

2018 has definitely seen the road works cause a much needed diversion mind you, and I tell you what, this new beautiful bridge that has been engineered is paving the way to a fabulous 2019.

2019, shucks!

If you know me at all; personally, via social media or by way of those that feel the need to gossip, you will know I’ve had a number of jobs in my lifetime. Including a plethora during just my New Zealand time alone. Yes sure, some may judge me on that, but I would like to justify it, should I really have to, by way of saying I am a sponge for mopping up knowledge, and without all the shifting around, how else would I fulfil that. I get bored easily and I have lived too long as an independent women who takes no shizzle from any darn one, so if I wanna move around, then I will. Therefore, it is no major shock when I announce I am on the move again.

I won’t be venturing outside of Auckland however, which has (finally!) been confirmed after many, many long, months of discussions between myself and my significant other, as not only is he doing so superbly well in his role, and progressing beyond what my proudness radar can detect, I too have just been offered a corker of a proposal.

No no nope, not that kind of proposal, we are happy as we are thanking yow, but a fantastical opportunity by way of an offering from a dear friend of 4 years.

During my early settlement days in New Zealand, I lodged with a darling couple who brought on many a giggle, made many a memory and remained friends during my time shifting abodes. Well, the female of the pairing is going on a life adventure and opening up her own dental practice here in Auckland. She has seen the spark I have and has offered me to join her in this momentous adventure by way of being the Receptionist, business promoter and in time becoming the control freak Practice Manager. I. Can’t. Wait. It will be a life career for us both! I am super excited! Yes it’s (another) partial pay cut, and the commute will be altered and extended, but I have no half wit team below me letting me down, I get to rekindle with my Kindle during my regular bus rides, and I get to make a success for and with my friend.

I have just resigned from my current role, and my bosses took it much better than I had hoped. They are happy for me but disappointed in my departure. I know the plans for me moving forward were on the gigantic scale, but life is too short and I wanna make this move and start making changes now, not when more team members have called in sick and I’ve worked 100 hours a week, or even more of them just resign. Sigh.

Last week was epic with the arrival of my Permanent Residency, and now this. What could be the third thing me wonders…

Now you’ve finished reading this, start living your best life peeps xxx

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