Sleep less eat more. I think I’ve missed the start of the lesson.

Having spent the last two days sulking on the couch with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as my gal pal companions, I realise that I’ve tripped in the road, and upon getting up and dusting off my knees, I’ve forgotten which exit on the roundabout I’m meant to be taking. My SamNav is broken.

At the start of this year I wasn’t able to see the dark place I was in: health, mind and life was all to poop, and where I am now is the utter opposite, WINNING! However, there is a slight slip. I’d lost a total of 16kgs during this year, but it’s slowly creeping back on again. My sleep is getting less and less desirable. Energy levels are then obviously taking a big slap in the face. Aches and pains are returning and just oomph for somethings appear to keep stalling. 

I’m happy mind you, there’s no doubt about that. I’m just waiting for the lights to change.

2019 has got some happy dancing exciting plans on the agenda, and I’m beyond stoked about those, for sure. But right now, instead of just wishing that my Myalgic Encephalomyelitis didn’t exist, or I was slimmer and prettier, richer, could provide more for my significant other, I just need to let this tummy bug do one, like hello, 24 hours is way too long to be pondering over life in the bathroom, which by the way is not resulting in any weight loss, and get myself back to work and filling up my overthinking noggin. 

I’ll be back at work tomorrow, dealing with the daily exhausting task of fire fighting and nagging, sorry, repeating myself time and time again to see the same lack of results, but with just 12 days of 2018 employment, and employment at that location, I can see the light, and I will take with me some great memories and hopefully some chums. 

Not getting to fulfil another Christmas full of wishes this year, due to the aforementioned employment thang being an ogre that I need to complete Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and beyond, I’m actually really looking forward to the New Years break down in Takamatua, spending some good R&R time at a friends Bach, with some pals, my love and my goal digging life listening out for that starting gun.

Life is always a bit of a pickle at times, but having seen the dark times way too many times for my liking in my lifetime, it must bring some ruddy fanbloodyfuntastic times as well, else I would’t be sitting here with a smile on my face whinging about my nifty little life, that just has a sad belly fart at the moment.

Stay positive peeps, and sometimes just realise that you can be unmotivated over lazy, call the ‘stars’ of trashy tv your friends, and over eat when you want to be losing weight. As long as your goal isn’t to appear on Jeremy Kyle or My 600lb Life, then you’re basically nailing it xxx

2019 Goals:

  • Begin a new j-o-b with a dear friend, making their dream come true
  • Putting a new roof over our heads, ready to put our family name on our mailbox
  • Become a bigger family…by way of two cats
  • Move on from the driving skills left behind in 2004, and take the wheel further than the mall car park
  • Remain happy
  • Have good health
  • Have to charge my Kindle more than I did during 2018
  • Smash my first 10k since 2015 (this is scheduled for January 19)
  • Learn to not set too many goals when we’ve already spent 36 years discovering that life shoots by before you even get chance to tie your shoelaces some days

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