Fireman Sam

Back in 2009 I turned my childhood animated entertainment into real life. By that I mean that there was a fire in my abode, and I put it out. Okay okay, before you think I saved the lives of everyone on the Ark, that isn’t quite true. The thermostat blew up, and as the sparks, growing in to flames, started to run up the wires going up the wall, I managed to move all the alcohol out of the way, then grab the fire blanket to stop the fire before it spread to the wicker blind. Priorities first, saving us all. I bow to thee.

Nine years on and i’m putting out blasted fires throughout the day, every sodding day. This reception team, by gum, they don’t know a hard days work, or even a half day shift it slapped them round the face whilst biting their backside and kicking them in the shins. When I first started in this role, we managed to shake the bad apple from the tree, and had ourselves a groovy little team going on. Six months later, thank the butterflies fluttering around that i’m heading out of this place. It’s hard work man. I reckon i’d repeat myself less if I worked in a nursery.

I’m a control freak to a good point for sure, but it’s more just I do things how they are meant to be done and everyone else, well, they be darn useless. I could ramble on about their work ethic of just doing the bare minimum and expecting praise, but i’m too eye rolly just thinking about it. Which I do, way too often. When i’m not on shift, i’m turn between turning my phone off, or staring at it whilst attempting to enjoy my ‘free’ time, waiting for it to flash up that I need to go in, all because someone has once again just simply not shown up for shift.

I’m lucky enough that outside of the my direct team, there are some cracking people that work here. Most of them have have come from reception, so they know the drama that unfolds if the team don’t work as a unit, but generally, they have a great sense of humour and just know how to get things done, the right way. But seriously, most importantly, we have some goods chats, a lot of giggles and just general bantz. That goes a long way when you’re generally human.

Anywho, i’ve just nine shifts remaining, before I get to enjoy some time away down on the Mainland for New Years with some great pals, and returning to the big smoke to start my new adventure. Can’t wait to be a control freak with just myself to manage, goooooooo team!

The point of this post, is that i’m hoping that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved‘. Or, i’ve just made you feel better about any issues you have in your work place, and you’ve come to realise we all have challenges, but tomorrow is always a fresh new day and yesterday was always a success if you get to enjoy that freshness. Pip pip xxx

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