Like Romeo, January is done.

I’m sure there are a lot of you going on about how you can’t believe January is over and done with already, well yes, aren’t we all, and that much is true. Time however does not go fast, time goes at it’s own pace, and this is the same pace on the daily. However, i’m with you, January has gone by with utter confusion as to how we’re approaching February already.

Moving on. Post work today, me and the other half will be heading off on our second trip of the year, and first one abroad. We are off to Brisbane. This to me is exciting. I’ve never been before, and as much as I struggled with the Auckland heat last weekend, i’m looking forward to the centigrade Brisbane has to offer, along with the experience of a new city, new views, new foods, new culture and of course, THEME PARKS!

For now though, i’ll take you back on a quick tour of the trips we’ve had already this year:

New Years in Takamatua: Our second New Years spent at this delightful spot. With a great bunch of friends, in a fantastic bach. Beautiful weather, beautiful setting and beautiful time. However, it was a little scarpered with a terrible case of allergies bashing me (hayfever) which in turn kicked off some barmy social anxiety knock too. I got some good reading in, had a nice ale or two, played some lawn games, hit the water (on a boat), bidded 2018 farewell and welcomed in 2019.

Auckland: With the other half’s father and his partner in town, we headed off to Matakana Markets to treat them to a fancy weekend treat, along with an awesome sculpture trail and delicious lunch at Brick Bay Wines & Sculpture Trail. I also attempted a 10km with a friend. However, my training on the clean flat surface in calm weather wasn’t really the training that sufficed for the real deal. Admittedly I had prepped myself more for 3km, and not 10km, and with the cycle to and from work no longer the joy I get to carry out, I was unfit, sure, but the wind, rain, grass banks, gravel roads were not meant for my feet. I completed it, sure, but it was more a rough walk that I completed. Finished up with a freshly poured glass of wine mind you, so not totally unworth getting out of bed early on a Sunday.

Auckland Anniversary Weekend: A much more relaxing weekend compared to that we endured in 2018. Not a push bike in sight, and therefore, no 90km rides were completed. Instead we drove for four hours and went to a beautiful setting at Whananaki, a great DOC campsite up in the Northland region. I would say a must visit for all, but I wanna go again and don’t want it to be booked out. Now, for me, this was a big trip. With only really learning to swim in the last two years, and still classing myself as a non swimmer, backed up by the fact I hold my breathe in the water and can therefore only perform a very slow backstroke, along with not trusting the ocean and knowing it’s much more powerful than tubby ol’ me, I am very proud of myself for taking on the crashing waves and letting it bowl me over once or twice. It was soooo nice, and refreshing, but yeah, I had great fun. Next time, i’ll be keen to actually try the boogie boarding. This time however, the boy done a cracking job on the surf board (even smashing it in to my shin twice so i’ve a nice shiner). Social Anxiety also reared it’s ugly head a smidge too, but hiding behind the sunnies and taking in the fresh air helped with that.

The first month of this wonderful year has also delivered some other true gems: I started my new job (yes, another!) as Administration & Practice Manager at my friends new Dental Practice. It’s so great to be a team of one at the front desk and to help my friend push her new business and her existing passion into something that is going to really hold out in to the distant future.

We have invested time in to reading The Barefoot Investor and our lives have changed so much. Finances are never a fun topic (unless you have sacks of the stuff), but it’s been exciting really organising our finances to a level where we can not only window shop at properties, but actually go and visit them with the idea of purchasing.

Off to Brisbane tonight is exciting, and not our only trip abroad planned this year. We have also got 19 days in Hawaii to look forward to in June. Hello adventure!!!

As I mentioned, I want to help my friends practice take over the mouth world, so with that in mind, i’m going to sign off and get on with some work. Enjoy waving goodbye to January 2019 peeps, and take that smile into my birthday month, letting the positive vibe guide you to full happiness xoxo

January had 31 days, Romeo had 21 seconds, but they’re both done!

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