A few weeks ago the other half and I grabbed our passports and boarded a flight to Brisbane. Hi-5 to me for taking advantage of a great AirNZ sale last year. Yet again.

I’ve been to Sydney. It’s alright. I’ve been to Melbourne. It’s bloody fantastic. Now, I’ve been to Brisbane. It happily put Sydney in the bronze place. Here’s what we got up to during our five days in this fab city…

Touching the tarmac at 8.30pm, and with the Brisbane heat hitting us at 8.31pm, by the time we got to AirBnB we were ready to switch on all the fans and head for Planet Kipster.

We stayed in an adorable AirBnb unit in Woolloongabba and using the foodie tools of Zomato, we stepped out for a tasty brunch at Penny Coffee, where we ended up returning to twice more during our stay. Yip, it was that tasty. Once we were fed and fuelled, we skipped, well, sweated our way back to the abode to meet a family friend to pick up our car loan for the weekend. Excellent service! It was super handy having a car during our stay, so big thanks out there for allowing that to happen. Having dropped our car loaner driver off back home, we actually went back to park up at the abode and then head for an exploring session of our new temporary doorstep on foot.

Firstly, Brisbane makes Auckland feel like Scotland, so stepping simply outside and you’re beyond clammy, however, we didn’t care, we both had the sheen and we didn’t care what passers by thought – mainly because there are few of these, as they are all in their air conditioned vehicles. Off down to South Bank we did venture. Such a cool spot, and some great eateries. The Brisbane famous ‘Brisbane’ sign captured a few photo’s, as did the beautiful gardens and it’s surroundings. The walk along the river is incredible tranquil, we literally just chilled.

The next few days were more the same: wandering, exploring, eating and sweating. We checked out the museum, the art gallery. It wouldn’t be a holiday if we didn’t venture to the movies either. Along with a drive out of town and some mini hikes were enjoyed. Lot’s more walking and sweating basically. Mount Coot-tha was a popular tourist spot, but we managed to get to the lookout and cool off in a wee rain shower. Mt Gravatt reserve was a lot less touristy, and we even managed to off road hike. That 1km did feel like a LOT more mind you, so we made out to the folk at the top that we had been for a run and that was our final stop. A little white lie…


The best day was probably when we trekked over to Movie World. Two years ago we had gone to America and spent a number of days in Disneyland California, which was epic fun. We knew Movie World wasn’t going to match it, but seriously, it was so much fun! Such a great day had here, really pushed the vocal chords to their max mind you, what with a few screams here and there.

Catching up with one of the other halves family friends who he had recently done some work for, took us down a different track and getting to see a new area of Brisbane again. Another area which we really enjoyed too, I mean, fish and chips on the waterfront always goes down a treat.

Before long, it was time to return our car and head back to the airport to jump across the pond. A massive highlight for me, whilst driving along we saw an actual real life kangaroo! Just sitting around admiring the traffic. I was very happy. Gosh I’m so English.

I’d consider living in Brisbane, it’s a good city that has a bit of everything, and we would definitely go back for a holiday, but maybe not in the height of Summer! xox

PS. I feel that this blog doesn’t do Brisbane justice, probably the fact i’ve a. left it so long to write up, and b. let lack of sleep take it’s toll and my memory is not quite as sprucey as it should be.

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